Thursday, July 30, 2009

Court TV Crime Stories: John Wayne Gacy

Najbolji dokumentarac o Gacy-u koji sam iskopo do sad, jer pored standardnog biografskog dela, dobar deo je posvećen suđenju i zatvoreničkim danima, a tu je i jedan jako zanimljiv intervju, gde on naravno uporno poriče svoju krivicu. Po njemu su urađena i dva igrana filma, To Catch a Killer (1992) i Gacy (2003), a kome ni to ne bude bilo dovoljno tu je i opširniji tekst na Crime Library. (46 min)

"In this installment of the Court TV series Crime Stories, the case of John Wayne Gacy is covered. Gacy was a businessman who was active in his community; he often dressed as a clown to amuse children at local hospitals. But there was a different side of this sociable man, that of a serial killer. Jeffrey Ringall was one of the few to survive the rape and torture committed by Gacy. Many of his tortured, raped, and murdered victims were found under the flooring of his home and in a local waterway. This installment explores this serial killer."



Anonymous said...

Downloaded all the parts and while i was converting the file it wouldnt cuz it had errors. Please upload new files.

son of man said...

Court TV Crime Stories: John Wayne Gacy (1999) - new MU link added

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