Monday, November 8, 2010

BBC - Panorama: The Secrets of Scientology (2010)

Logičan nastavak dokumentarca Panorama: Scientology and Me (2007), dakle, konačni obračun BBC-a sa sajentološkom crkvom, ili barem pokušaj, prosudite sami. (60 min)

"In 2007, while making a documentary about the Church of Scientology, reporter John Sweeney had been confronted by a church spokesman Tommy Davis. Three years later, John Sweeney revisits the Church of Scientology and meets the former spokesman named Mike Rinder and other ex-members (including two American actors) of the Church of Scientology to reveal the truth behind it."



Anonymous said...

Anton LaVey-Satan Takes a Holiday
Amarillo Records ACM-594 (USA, 1995)
dobra recenzija na

jonoshling said...

This looks great! Thanks son of man!

son of man said...

BBC-Panorama: The Secrets of Scientology (2010) - NEW LINKS ADDED!

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