Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Going Postal (2009)

Paul Tickell

Runtime: 90 min


"Documentary telling the story of the school and workplace shootings
which have cast a shadow over American society since the 1980s. The
programme includes interviews with survivors, the families of those who
died, and the friends and families of the murderers.

How and why does this violence occur? The tenth anniversary of the
Columbine massacre is in 2009, but the phenomenon is twice as old and
hundreds have been killed. Michael Carneal, serving a life sentence for
a notorious school shooting in Kentucky when he was 14, is interviewed.
His raw and troubling story, and those of other shootings, are placed
in context by interviews with people who have researched the subject in
depth, from the first cluster of shootings in the 1980s in the US
Postal Service - hence the phrase 'going postal' - to more recent

Author Mark Ames argues that although mental instability plays a role,
American rampage shooters are rarely insane and are impossible to
profile: they could be the person sitting next to you in class or in
the office."


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