Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Child of Rage (1992)

Larry Peerce

"Rob and Jill Tyler adopt 2 children named Catherine and Eric. Eric is sweet, quiet and shy and Catherine is nice at times but has these terrible violent outbursts for no apparent reason. Catherine sticks the dog with needles until the dog bleeds. She smashes Eric's head on the basement floor, causing him to go to the emergency room and tries to stab her new adoptive father with a knife while he's sleeping. Jill and Rob try to find a doctor and they eventually find Dr. Rosemary Myers. She examines Catherine and find out that she was abused by her biological father and wants Catherine to overcome this rage. Dr. Myers, Jill, and Rob preform holding therapy for Catherine and at first it doesn't seem to work, but Catherine seems to become more at ease as the therapy progresses."



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