Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Forget Me Never (1999)

Godinama sam tražio ovaj film na netu jer sam ga gledao na TV-u i priča je baš surova. Odlično, pa može se reći i jezivo prikazan Alchajmerov sindrom s Miom Farrow u glavnoj ulozi.

"Diane McGowin was employed as an administrative assistant for a group of attorneys in private practice. She found herself forgetting things, especially losing short term memory. She suspected that something was wrong and went to the doctor. After many tests, the diagnosis was Alzheimer's. Diana did not want to tell her husband, Jack McGowin because she thought her husband, Jack, would be worried about money since she made more money than he did. She had to give a speech at a political party meeting, she got really confused and had no idea of where she was. Diana called her house by reading her check book and her son recognized her voice. She was then forced to tell her family that she had Alzheimer's -- which they had known to a certain degree. She later befriended an ex-professor college professor, Dr. Albert Morelli, who had the illness and they began to do things together."


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