Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Jasenovac (1945) - with english subtitle

This is a short documentary about Jasenovac, the biggest concetration camp on Balkans in which Ustasas regime of Ante Pavelic from the Nazi ocupation of Yugoslavia in 1941 to the end in 1944, killed a hundreds of thousands people : Serbs, Jews, Gypsis, Croatian anti-fascist, and all those who confront their fascist regime which was supported by Nazi-Germany. Jasenovac was placed on the teritory of Republic of Croatia and today there is nothing left of it (because of war from '91-'95), only one big monument and few buildings.

And you just can't compare any other Nazi-Germany death camp with this held by Ustasas beacuse Nazis did the extermination of people without any emotions, they did it like it was something which must be done, like in some sick fabric of death, and here it was not the case because before the 2nd world war there was a lots of nationalist hate between Serbs and Croats and then the atrocities were far more worse, people were not just put in gas chambers and killed but here there was a killing with knifes (butchering), killing with mallets, axes, all kinds of hammers and with firearms. So this scenes from the doc are really shocking but it's lot more easier for people today to watch it because they're filmed long time ago, like 64 years ago and it's black-white, not in colour.

There are lot of different sources how many people were Ustasas killed in Jasenovac during the period of '41 to '44. In this film it sez about 850.000 people, serbian sources today sez 700.000, croatian about 100.000 but I think only reliable source is the Simon Wiesenthal Centar which sez about 600.000 people were killed, most of them Serbs. But that is really not too important, death of only one person in such way is much too much and nothing to say about hundreds of thousands and just because of diferent nationalities and that sick nationalistic hate.




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Jasenovac (1945) - new MU link added!

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Jasenovac (1945) - with english subtitles - NEW LINK ADDED!

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