Thursday, September 17, 2009

Cold Case Files: The Most Infamous Cases vol.1

Evo zanimacije za ljubitelje CRIME dokumentaraca, 5 epizoda Cold Case Files serijala u komadu, preko 2 i po sata, al' ono što bi ja posebno izdvojio je ova poslednja epizoda ovde, tj. rad na temu Zodijaka, i iako i nisam neki fan tih "ubica bez lica" moram da priznam da je ovo vrlo dobro urađeno, prezentovane su neke činjenice kojih nema ni u Finčerovom filmu, zapravo mene je Finčerov Zodijak opako smorio, jer je upetljao radnju bez potrebe, a nije uopšte tako, i to sasvim lepo objašnjava ovaj dokumentarac. Dakle The Most Infamous Cases volume 1, a bice i dvojka ovih dana. (225 min)

"Unsolved crimes locked away in dusty file cabinets. Time is an ineffectual balm. Painful memories are left to a victim's loved ones. What happens when a killer gets away with murder? COLD CASE FILES: THE MOST INFAMOUS CASES explores ten confounding cases. Thanks to the efforts of a special breed of modern detective, no one escapes the laws of justice--no matter how old the case. With chilling episodes hand-picked by legendary documentary producer and host Bill Kurtis (American Justice), COLD CASE FILES: THE MOST INFAMOUS CASES gathers together ten of the toughest and most fascinating true crimes ever known to homicide. Combining the latest forensic techniques with old-fashioned police work, each episode takes a step-by-step look at how a mystery is finally solved and the culprit is ultimately apprehended."

Episode 1: One Night on the Bayou: A man floats in a Lousiana Bayou. For alligators, he is an uncommon feast. For police, he is a murder victim. The case lies cold for years until a thief decides to sing about "A Night on the Bayou" - an evening of fishing, drinking and deadly revenge.

Episode 2: Killer in the County: Three young women murdered. Three cases gone cold. One detective catches the Killer in the County with the help of cheese crackers and a coffee cup.

Episode 3: Frozen in Time: When a woman missing for three years is found Frozen in Time, police turn to science to retrace the forensic path of a cold case killer.

Episode 4: A Map to Murder: A serial killer makes a crucial mistake when he uses the Internet to draw A Map to Murder. The map leads police not only to the latest victim, but to the killer and his dungeon of torture.

Episode 5: The Zodiac Killer: There's a new forensic lead in the hunt for one of the most notorious serial killers. More than thirty years after his killing spree, San Francisco investigators return to the evidence to see if DNA testing can reveal the identity of The Zodiac Killer.

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Many Thanks! Looking forward to Volume 2 if available.

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