Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cold Case Files: The Most Infamous Cases vol.2

Volume 2. Ovde bih izdvojio priču kako su na'vatali Gary Ridgwaya poznatijeg i kao The Greeen River Killer, a kome se to svidi može da pogleda i vrlo dobar igrani film na istu tematiku The Capture of the Green River Killer (2008). (228 min)

Episode 6: The Green River Killer: He hunted with impunity--snatching prostitutes off the street, strangling them in his truck, and dumping them in the Green River near Seattle. When the killing was done, 48 women lay dead. Cold Case Files tells the inside story of how King County, Washington detectives stopped the nation's worst serial killer, The Green River Killer.

Episode 7: Weepy-Voiced Killer: "Don't talk. Just listen." He terrorizes women in Minneapolis-St. Paul then calls police compelled to confess. Hear the Weepy-Voiced Killer as he confesses to murder and begs police to make him stop.

Episode 8: The Lady Killer: He harbors a hatred so intense he kills, and them mutilates women. The clues to catching The Lady Killer remain buried in the paperwork of an unsolved murder nearly 20 years old.

Episode 9: Kidnapped: The bones of an 8-year-old boy are left on a mother's doorstep. Watch as a mother goes face to face with a killer begging him for answers to the mystery of her son's disappearance.

Episode 10: Love Triangle: A Love Triangle turns deadly when a secret affair is exposed. Details of the murder remain hidden for years until a relationship goes sour and two lovers start pointing fingers.

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