Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Divine Waters (1985)

Vito Zagarrio

Runtime: 62 min

Mnogo jak dokumentarac, šteta što se radi o lošem VHS snimku, ali za nas, prave fanatike, ovo je bre must, ovo se jednostavno mora imati. Dakle, živio Džon Voters, živio Divajn, živila Edith, a smrt svima !


"This hard to find documentary focuses on the careers of influential partners in filth, John Waters and Divine. Includes lengthy interviews with John's parents and sister, Edith Massey treats us to two songs ('Punks, Get off the Grass' and 'Fever'), as well as a live performance of Divine performing his own song, 'Born to be Cheap'. A must see for any John Waters fan."



Bodhi Amol said...

Hello,could you mak ethis available again-That would be nice...

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