Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stoner's Spahn Ranch Tours (may1st - aug9th)

Stoners Spahn Ranch Tours starts may 1st - august 9th. I work completely on donations, at the end of the tour I leave it up to you on what you feel is fair, if I deserve nothing I won't take a dime. Length of tours are based on what you would like to see, so it could be 2 hours or all day.

Here is a list of places I can show you:

- the exacted area were the buildings stood at spahn ranch

- the famous cave (from life magazine)

- the spahn ranch truck (dug up)

- the spot were frank retz died (last owner of spahn ranch)

- the baby caves

- the manson tree

- shorty shea's gravesite

- dunne buggy graveyard

- bruce davis corvair (zodiac car)

- the manson rock

- gypsy's waterfall

- fountains of the world (both of these are not at spahn ranch, but very close)

...i also would like the tour to end at "the famous munch box" were Charlie would get a chili dog for 35 cents and wait for the girls to get off work from the strip club across the street (Sadie use to dance there at the Candy Cat)

If you are interested in a tour email me at or friend me on facebook (stoner van houten)...


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