Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Russian Woodpecker (2015)

Chad Gracia

"A thrilling, award winning investigation into the ghosts of the Soviet Union and the mind of an irradiated Ukrainian artist on a quest to discover the "criminal" behind the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Unforgettably eccentric artist Fedor Alexandrovich begins his quest by revealing to the world an enormous secret Soviet weapon that stands in the shadow of Chernobyl, and which Kremlinologists in the 1980s thought might be a giant mind-control device. But what Fedor discovers is much more sinister. While his theory that Chernobyl was an inside job may seem mad, the audience too starts to question reality when secret police appear and one of the crew members is shot by a sniper, as revolution, paranoia and terror engulf the crew."


Campriti Cupri said...

odgledao. vrijedi pogledati svakako

Unknown said...

Ima li ko prevod na engleski ili srpski?

ricma madafaka said...

ovo je tako retardirano snimljeno da sam posle 45. minuta gledao čisto da ispoštujem tih prvih 45. minuta

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