Monday, December 8, 2008


07.12.2008 03:34
Around 10 o'clock tonight (6/12) a police car was making its regular runs around Eksarchia Square in the center of Athens. The area of Eksarchia has always been a focal point for radical leftists and has a tradition of militant political activity. Police presence in the area is always vigilant and the cops who patrol the streets of Eksarchia are always trigger-happy and act like they are in occupied territory.
Some comrades saw the police car and decided to openly declare their opposition to its provocative presence in the square. They threw some stones and a few bottles of water against the pigs and told them to leave. The cops who were riding in the squad-car, are part of a new elite police unit, the “blue-suits”, which has been created for the specific purpose of taking repressive measures against militant demonstrators. They are specially-trained and politically indoctrinated.
Two of them got out of the car. They threw flashbang grenades against those present in the square and one of them pulled his gun and shot in cold blood the 15-year old in the stomach. Apparently, their orders are to respond with full force against anything they might interpret as “provocation”. The youngster died 15 minutes after he was transferred to the hospital. His name was Grigoropoulos Andreas and he is the latest victim in a long list of state-murders.
Comrades are assembling everywhere in Greece to avenge the murder of Andreas and make the bastards pay. Athens will see no peace until his death is vindicated.



Anonymous said...

shta da vam kazem,nije ni prvi a da li je i poslednji put da neko placa zivotom, ne verujem...ali citava prica nije samo oko pucnja neizivljenog pandura, to je mnogo vise od toga pa mu ovo dodje kao kap koja je prelila casu...videcemo!

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