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MSNBC's "Lockup", Prison Documentary - 16 Episodes

Za sve ljubitelje bizarnog pa i psihologije, sociologije, ovo je vrhunska poslastica, jer mozete da posmatrate sa bezbedne udaljenosti, u miru svoga doma, kako se drugi pate dok u sebi mislite kako to vama nikad ne bi moglo da se desi, da tako zavrsite u zatvoru, znaci serijal od 32 epizode po 45 minuta, snimano u bukvalno svim americkim zatvorima, od okruznog Rykersa pa do onih najbrutalnijih, Corcorana i San Quentina. Daleko ozbiljnije od svih TV dokumentaraca koje nam uporno repriziraju po kablovima, znaci niti jedna epizoda ovde prezentovana nije emitovana kod nas (MSNBC produkcija je u pitanju), i dnevna doza mu dodje po dve epizode taman, i mogu sa odgovornoscu da garantujem da cete ovde videti do sad nevidjene akcije. Evo prvih 16 epizoda za pocetak, pa lagano, krenite npr. od 3. epizode, "Criminal Minds", koja je posebno shokantna, a price su na nivou onih iz The Iceman dokumentarca, znaci jezivo.

It's estimated that more than 600,000 people will be released from America’s prisons this year. But will they be prepared to rejoin society as productive citizens? Each year, our nation spends about $24 billion on its prison system. For the men and women living and working in that system, the daily challenge is simply to survive. MSNBC Investigates what goes on behind the bars, and inside the minds of prisoners and guards.

Society also faces a crucial challenge: with more resources than ever invested in America’s prisons, many experts believe the time has come to find out whether the system itself is really working. To search for answers, MSNBC examined this dangerous world from the inside out, gaining extraordinary access to many of the nation’s most notorious prisons. The disturbing results are revealed in ‘Lockup,’ our series of documentaries providing one of the most comprehensive examinations ever produced about life behind bars in America.

TV MSNBC - Lockup Raw - Americas Toughest Jails

The producers of the ‘Lockup’ series spent time at three of America’s busiest and largest jails, and found that prison gangs are not what they used to be, at least according to one of the senior inmates.

MSNBC - Lockup Raw - Convict Code

Prisons are run by a strict set of rules but inmates also follow their own unwritten rules known as, “The Convict Code.” We explore the code and illustrate how it pertains to select inmate groups including gangs, child molesters, homosexuals and women.

MSNBC - Lockup Raw - Criminal Minds

Nine of the most violent criminals to ever appear on “Lockup” give chilling accounts of their crimes. They reveal what drove them to take such actions and provide insights into their lives behind bars.

MSNBC - Lockup Raw - Ever Present Danger

Features interviews with the show's producers and cameramen who introduce never-before-seen footage and also describe what it's like to spend their days inside prisons interviewing some of the world's most hardened criminals.

MSNBC - Lockup - Extended Stay Corcoran - Everyone Gets Got

California State Prison, Corcoran is a turbulent sea of politics: from old school prison gangs to disruptive street gangs, it’s a dangerous mix for staff and inmates alike. In an effort to control their activity, officers move known gang members into the security housing unit, or SHU, where they have to make a choice -- stay in the gang or drop out.

MSNBC - Lockup - Extended Stay Corcoran - Love and Hate

Among the nation’s toughest is California State Prison, Corcoran. It's severely overcrowded and plagued by racial tension, and we spent months inside an institution with a notoriously violent past, where officers try to maintain order. In this episode, we focus on inmate interaction, which, in prison, is volatile at best. Whether it’s with officers, disputes with other races or gangs? Or even a prison romance. In Corcoran, it’s not a question of if there will be violence, but when.

MSNBC - Lockup - Extended Stay Corcoran - Prison Politics

Violence often seems inevitable in prison. Whether it stems from racial tension, or a dispute between cellmates, it’s the job of Corcoran's officers to prevent attacks. In doing so, however, they put their own lives on the line.

MSNBC - Lockup - Inside New Mexico

This state penitentiary was the site of one of the bloodiest prison riots in 1980 and our cameras found disturbing physical reminders of the carnage. It’s a prison with a long history of violence that used to be called “gladiator school” by inmates. MSNBC shows you how prison officials work to curb the violence, placing inmates who cannot be managed in the general population into single cells, where all behavior is monitored and every movement is restricted.

MSNBC - Lockup - Extended Stay New Mexico - Pros and Cons

Although inmates in Level 6, the maximum-security facility at the Penitentiary of New Mexico, are granted some perks, like non-contact visits up to twice a week, it’s not uncommon for inmates to land longer sentences in prison because of bad behavior on the inside. Inmate David Scritchfield learned that lesson the hard way. Originally sentenced to 18 months for the unlawful taking of a motor vehicle, his sentence was lengthened to 16-and-a-half years after three separate counts of aggravated battery on an officer. But that's not why he was banned from even non-contact visits. That happened because of his relationship with Paula Montoya, a prison staff nurse, who lost her job as a result of their affair. As David says, "You can't help who you fall for, you know." But how exactly does an inmate get married to a woman who’s not allowed inside the prison?

MSNBC - Lockup - Extended Stay New Mexico - Taking a Hostage

At the Penitentiary of New Mexico, officers are outnumbered and the inmates are unpredictable, especially in Level 6, the maximum-security facility. It's where the deputy warden says "the worst of the worst" are housed. And these guys will take anything hostage -- the food port, the rec pen, the shower -- anything that will get them the attention they want.

MSNBC - Lockup - Extended Stay Pendelton Juvenile - Everyone's Gots Bagagge

Pendleton Juvenile is the last stop in Indiana for young offenders who have committed serious crimes. The staff is determined to rehabilitate impulsive teens who are often angry and violent. It helps them to keep in mind that one of the major sources of anger for these young people is what they've gone through at home.

MSNBC - Lockup - Extended Stay Pendelton Juvenile - Under Pressure

During our 6 months inside, we learned some days can be even more chaotic than most. As one official says, "When it rains, we don’t have enough buckets.

MSNBC - Lockup - Extended Stay Pendelton Juvenile - Zero to Sixty

Pendleton is the last stop in Indiana for young offenders who have committed serious crimes. Unlike adult prisons, staff here must deal with impulsive teen behavior that can escalate without warning. When standard rehabilitation is not enough, teens need a more regimented program.

MSNBC - Lockup Raw - Friend or Foe

Inside every prison, there’s one question that both inmates and correctional officers must ask themselves. Knowing the right answer could be the difference between life and death. The question? Who can I trust? Though there is an inherent distrust between them, inmates and correctional officers come in close contact every day of the week. It’s rare that these relationships ever cross the line into friendship, but having a friendly rapport is essential to keeping the peace

MSNBC - Lockup Raw - Hard Time

MSNBC producers found that some inmates spend almost as much of their hard time outside of their cells as they do in them, getting "extracted" from behind bars on almost a daily basis.

MSNBC - Lockup Raw - Hell in a Cell

Starting with the first day they enter prison, inmates must develop methods to cope with the pressures and fear that come with incarceration. We explore the fascinating variety of ways in which both new inmates and old-timers attempt to make incarceration bearable.


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it was a piece of SHYT
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Napiso si u drugom postu da si svih 32 odgledo u komadu i ni ja nisam mogo stat do kraja. To je bilo jos tad kad si posto (2009) i onda zaborav u svim ostalim docovima. Nedavno vidim snimili ih pun kurac , nesto malo sam bacio pogled i ima internesnl edisn sa zabelom i sl. Zanima me jesi mozda odgledao i sta kazes? Vjerojatno su stari s pocetka ipak jaci ko i inace.

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