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Asylum (1972)

Peter Robinson

Imali smo prilike da vidimo kako izgledaju ogromne državne psihijatrijske ustanove i na šta to liči (ni na šta), dok je u ovom dokumentarcu predstavljena jedna daleko humanija metoda zbrinjavanja duševno obolelih pacijenta, koja više liči na nekakvu malu komunu nego na azil za duševno obolele. Pacijenti žive svi zajedno u jednoj kući pod patronatom britanskog psihijatra R.D. Lainga, i tu ima zaista genijalnih likova, jer shizofreničari u biti i jesu genijalci samo ih treba izvaliti na pravi način. Eh, kamo sreće da sve ustanove ovog tipa barem malkice liče na ovu, gde bi nam kraj bio. (95 min)


"Asylum, I think, is to say, a safe place to be when you're frightened and alone." It is in such disarmingly basic terms that the British psychiatrist, R. D. Laing, defines his therapeutic community in London, the subject of Peter Robinson's documentary, "Asylum." The community, which occupies very unpretentious quarters and houses fewer than 20 patients (probably not the right word) along with some Laingian therapists, was filmed by Mr. Robinson and his two-man crew during what must have been for them six very trying weeks early in 1971.

The effort was surely worth it for "Asylum." unlike so many documentaries, actually has some value as a document. And as a film it passes the fairly basic test—again, unlike so many documentaries—of letting its subject essentially define and express itself.

It is not a course in R. D. Laing's theories. It is a record of the daily lives of some very disturbed people living in close contact with one another, and not usually putting the best face on it. Unavoidably there are some tense moments, and they are explored but not exploited by this enterprising but humanly decent film.

Nobody in the therapeutic community is destitute (patients pay their own way), and nobody, except an irascible older man named David, seems inaccessible to the therapists' rather unassertive suggestions. One clever young girl, Wendy, regresses to a state of near infantile dependency, and then seems to get hold of herself and becomes in a sense the heroine of the movie."

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