Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Marjorie Cameron Parsons Kimmel ;; Witch

Our renowned artist, cultist, witch, and lover Cameron. Deeply tied into the rituals of the Babylon working, some often considering her an "elemental woman". She was married to occult practitioner Jack Parsons, a chemical/rocket scientist. Connected to the alive and dead Cameron came into contact with many people of interest including director Kenneth Anger, Curtis Harrington, Scientology founder Ron. L. Hubbard,  and at the time, Temple of Set member Zeena Schreck. The list of associates and people of power she knew went on for miles in the underground.

Having largely been forgotten by mainstream media she was once the cover of newspapers titling the death of her husband days before their planned trip to move to Mexico. This event would spark a drastic turning point in her life. Her destructive passion with art and actions in order receive different states of consciousness would increase with time amplified with her largely nomadic lifestyle. Death: June 23, 1995.


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