Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Greek Embassy in Belgrade attacked with Molotov Cocktails

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A group of young men in Belgrade last night threw two Molotov cocktails at the Greek embassy building. No one was hurt in the incident. One window was broken, while the flames caused minor damage to the facade. The interior of the building was not affected by the fire. Eyewitnesses said that five men carried out the attack. Afterwards, they split in two groups: one walked away from the scene, "another caught a cab". Tanjug agency reports that police stepped up patrols and that an investigative team immediately arrived at the scene. The motives behind this attack are not known at this point. The Serbian police, MUP, said they had launched an intensive search for the perpetrators. The embassy, meantime, said that its work continued normally this morning considering that the material damage done was minor, and that they expect the results of the ongoing police investigation. Meanwhile the Serbian Foreign Ministry condemned in the strongest terms the vandal act that took place early on Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, a group calling itself "Crni Ilija" announced it was taking responsibility for the attack. According to their statement, "the Belgrade anarchists" are demanding that Thodoros Iliopoulos be freed, adding that he was arrested “during a national uprising in Greece in December of last year”. The statement emailed to Belgrade media stated that Iliopoulos has been on a hunger strike for 46 days demanding to be released. They add that the "Belgrade anarchists" have decided to “join their comrades in Greece and the entire world, who are implementing actions of solidarity with Iliopoulos, and demanding that he be released”. “Because of this, members of our group attacked the Greek embassy in Belgrade with a Molotov cocktail. We will continue these activities until our comrade Iliopoulos is released,” the statement concludes.




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