Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Laibach - In The Army Now / War (1995) CDS

Uh sunce ti, WAR je baš opaka stvar jer cela suština rata i jeste sadržana u tom nabrajanju medijskih giganata i multinacionalnih korporacija kakve su npr. General Motors, IBM, Newsweek, CNN, Sony itd.etc. Genijalno. Mediji i rat. Objasnili. Posebno obratiti pažnju na ultraviolence mix.

Single: In The Army Now/War
Release Date: 1st May 1995

1. In the Army Now
2. War
3. War - Methods of Prevention Mix
4. War - Ultraviolence Meets Hitman Mix

"In The Army Now/War" was released as a single in May 1995 during the second leg of the "Occupied Europe NATO Tour 1994-1995". The tour included concerts in Hungary, the Czech Republic, Germany and Poland, where the concert marked the 50th anniversary of the collapse of fascism. Laibach made two promotional videos to accompany the release. As well as the two title tracks, the disc featured two remixes of "War".


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