Thursday, February 11, 2010

Laibach - Tanz mit Laibach (2003) CDS

"Laibach have marked their return with re-invigorated fire and brimstone. After seven long years this single was ideal to let everyone know they are back. Tanz mit Laibach is forceful energetic power with a crunching techno beat and Milan is in fine form as he delivers the lyrics in a strong electrifying voice. Not the most melodic Laibach track and clearly focussing on the forceful martial rhythms, however is tempered with choral singing towards the end. The single is highly recommended for the mixes, which are truly excellent especially Temponauta's Desert Storm remix, a steady martial beat while utilising the chorals nicely and the overall effect transforms the track to a modern interpretation of Laibach's industrial style."

Single: Tanz Mit Laibach
Release Date: 25th August 2003

1. Tanz Mit Laibach (Album Version)
2. Tanz Mit Laibach ("Upbeat" Remix)
3. Tanz Mit Laibach (Johannes Heil "Crucified" Remix)
4. Tanz Mit Laibach (Zeta Reticula "Wir Tanzen Ado Hinkel" Remix)
5. Tanz Mit Laibach (Temponauta "Desert Storm" Remix)


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