Sunday, October 3, 2010

Descendents - Milo Goes To College (1982)

01. Myage
02. I Wanna Be A Bear
03. I'm Not A Loser
04. Parents
05. Tonyage
06. M 16
07. I'm Not A Punk
08. Catalina
09. Suburban Home
10. Statue Of Liberty
11. Kabuki Girl
12. Marriage
13. Hope
14. Bikeage
15. Jean Is Dead


Andario said...

Hi there,

I've been following your blog for quite some time, since I´m interested in documentaries, but I´m completely uninterested in the music you upload, quite frankly. So, I´d like to know if there is a way to subscribe just to your documentary feeds (My google reader is way too cluttered as it is...)

Thanks man.

son of man said...

I think there is no option to subscribe just to documentaries, but I can guarantie you that at least every second day there will be a documentary in english. Enough? :)

Andario said...

Enough, enough. Could be better, though... ;-)

To give you the full picture, I have had another problem with your feeds for quite some time: it´s not only about the music, it´s that even with the docus, sometimes I open a documentary that "sounds" promising, just to discover is not even in English. I even downloaded one with an English description in it that did NOT have subtitles (So it was useless to me).

So I propose you this:

Just add [ENG] before the title of English spoken, or English subtitled docus, so it can be inmediately identified in Google reader, and you kill 2 birds in a shot: no more confusion with music, AND no more unuderstandable docus.

Sounds good to you??

son of man said...

Sorry but that's not the option, you better check the LABELS under every post, there it says if documentary is in serbian (DOCS SERBIAN).

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