Friday, October 1, 2010

Radha Krishna Temple - Chant And Be Happy (1971)

Jedan od sigurno najjačih bhakti albuma, snimljen još 1971. u produkciji legendarnog člana Beatlesa, Džordža Harisona. Prva pesma 'Govinda' je najlepša pesma ikada napravljena na tu temu, i kad sam bio klinac, puštao sam je svako jutro kad bih se probudio, pre polaska u školu. Eh, to su bila vremena. Inače, album je kasnije izdat i pod nazivom 'Godess Of Fortune', te prilažem i taj omot, jer mi je čitava ta vaišnavska i uopšte hindu ikonografija neprevaziđena.

George Harrison (harmonium, guitar, bass), Tamal Krishna Goswami (flute), Yamuna, Jivananda, Lilavati, Yogesvara (lead vocals), Assembled Devotees of the Hare Krishna Temple - London (vocals, mridanga, clapsticks).

Produced by George Harrison and recorded at Apple Studios in London.

"The Radha Krsna Temple, produced by George Harrison in 1970, is a collection of tracks combining Eastern melodies & sounds and Western musical styles & production techniques. The site claims that one of the tracks, “Govinda”, is “played every morning in each International Society for Krishna Consciousness temple all over the world.” I’m not too sure about that, but it is great music. And hey, a Beatle liked it.

This songs are very special. They connect the Vedic wisdom with western know-how. That's a principle Srila Prabhupada told us about and which he demonstrated by his own example over and over again. To greet the deities the song Govinda still is played every morning in each ISKCON temple all over the world. Srila Prabhupada wrote about this song in a letter: "The record is so nice that I am playing it at least once in a day and it is giving me transcendental pleasure with tears in my eyes. I am sure this record will be the first-class 'hit' as already opined by the experts." Indeed the songs Govinda and Hare Krsna Mantra reached the top 10 in record charts throughout the world."

01. Govinda
02. Sri Gurvastakam
03. Bhaja Bhakata And Arati
04. Hare Krishna Mantra
05. Sri Isopanisad
06. Bhajahu Re Mana
07. Govinda Jaya Jaya
08. Prayer to the Spiritual Masters


Neira said...

Mozes li postaviti linkove za Scorseseov film George Harrison: Living in the Material World :)

son of man said...

Biće ovih dana. skinuo sam ga, al' nikako da pogledam :)

Neira said...

I preporucujem ovo, ako vec nisi gledao/slusao :D

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