Saturday, December 11, 2010

Most Evil s02e05 - Cult Followers

Da lagano privodimo ovu priču kraju, naime, pošto evo već dve godine čekam da se pojave valjani ripovi preostalih par epizoda Discovery Most Evil seriala koje nam fale, odlučio sam se na radikalan potez, tj. postavljam ih u skromnoj FLV jutjube verziji. Naravno, ukoliko se u međuvremenu pojave svima omiljeni AVI fajlovi, rad ću biti da sve ovo postavim iznova.

"From the 1995 sarin nerve gas attack in Japan to the Manson murders, some of the most horrific cult killings were carried out not by the cult leaders who planned them, but by willing followers. How do these members become so entrenched in cult thinking that they become active participants in evil? Dr. Stone unearths the psychology of persuasion and indoctrination by interviewing surviving cult member Tim Carter, one of only three to survive the 1978 Jonestown massacre. And he'll meet face-to-face with Ron Luff, serving a life sentence for his part in the cult murders of the Avery family. Is there something psychologically unique to violent cult members, or can any one of us be drawn in?"


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, your post does not have a link to download this tile.

son of man said...

I know, and I'm also very sorry that I couldn't find the links for this episode. So, for now, only on-line version is available, and believe me, I hate so much on-line watching. Hope will find regular version some day.

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