Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The BTK Killer Speaks (2005)

Runtime: 45 min

"He terrorized Wichita with a killing spree that began over 30 years ago. After taunting investigators through the press, the BTK Killer dropped out of sight. But in early 2004, his own ego tripped him up.

Now we know that the BTK Killer is Dennis Rader, a regular churchgoer and member of the community he preyed upon for decades. In an unprecedented courtroom confession, the infamous serial killer described ten of his murders in dispassionate detail. But who is the man behind the BTK Killer, and what made him do it? Through interviews with investigators and experts, people who knew Rader and his victims, and through the words of Rader himself, THE BTK KILLER SPEAKS details what drove Rader to become a killer, and how he evaded capture for so many years."



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