Friday, April 15, 2011

Manson's Missing Victims (2008)

Runtime: 42 min

Jebeš mi sve, ovo bre ko potraga za Svetim Gralom, jer još od 70-ih oni tako prekopavaju pustinje po Kaliforniji uzduž i popreko ko krtice mutanti, znači sapunica i to ona najgrđa. Mislim, šta reći u ovom trenutku osim, traži, traži, pa ćeš naći, buahaha (- creepy crawl style -)...


"This is a made-for-cable documentary about the attempt to uncover, forensically, more victims of good old Charlie Manson and his gang. Due to some dubious jail cell "confessions" by a certain member of the family, police have long been convinced that there were more victims buried out in the desert somewhere. Well this one dude, and his cadaver sniffing pup decide to go out and find them, and this documentary is the result. As well as new interviews with many of the main players in the case (especially on the side of the law & order faction) as well as some of the peripheral family members (and even Sharon Tate's sister) there is also a lot of on the scene forensic searches shown throughout the movie as the team searches for more remains at the two ranches that the family called home. If you are a Manson maniac, this is definitely for you."


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