Tuesday, July 24, 2012

GG Allin - Bleedin', Stinkin' & Drinkin'

Runtime: 54 min

"Bleedin', Stinkin' & Drinkin' is a 54 minute video which presents a unique insight into GG Allin.

With five acoustic songs (three of which appear here for the first time) and an in depth interview, this video may explain why GG Allin was one of the more interesting and thought provoking performers of the last three decades.

Most of the contents in this video were shot and compiled while GG was in Tampa, Florida in July of 1991, recording Carnival of Excess with The Criminal Quartet.

Like it or not, GG Allin has made an impact on the recording industry and his ghosts will be around forever haunting the same industry he truly despised. To this day, rest assured, GG is content he never gave anyone the satisfaction of seeing him die during his last show.

He never wanted to give you anything."

Thanks to Debaucherous.



son of man said...

GG Allin - Bleedin', Stinkin' & Drinkin' - NEW SINGLE RS LINK!

DLG said...

Is there any way to get this re-uploaded?

son of man said...

GG Allin - Bleedin', Stinkin' & Drinkin' - NEW LINK!

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