Friday, August 20, 2010

Amebix: Risen (2008)

Nikad nisam nešto posebno slušo Amebix, ali ima tu raje i drugara koji i te kako jesu, te im ga evo na. Dakle, odličan biografski dokumentarac o ovom vaistinu kultnom crust bendu. Uživajte dok se još može. (83 min)"Labelled “punk” because no one could think of a better term, Bristol’s Amebix were genuinely unique. With a fluctuating line-up centred on frontman Rob Miller and guitarist Stig, they made disturbing, aggressive music, designed apocalyptic artwork and presented an intellectual front made up of equal parts philosophy and rebellion. Their history, explored in microscopic detail on this first ever DVD, was chaotic: after two albums, the first released by Jello Biafra’s Alternative Tentacles label, the band fell apart, leaving a legacy which the passing years haven’t made any easier to explain.

Thanks to Risen, Amebix’s tale is now available for public incredulity. Miller, Stig, Biafra and dozens of others explain the depressing facts behind the band’s formation in the 70s, their rise to cult status, their collapse and – most importantly – the complex, strange brew of occult thought and street-level protest which they evolved. Sombre and disturbing at times, this was a band understood by few and rejected by many. Punk followers of a certain age will be cheered by the revelations that Miller is now a worldrenowned swordsmith in Skye and that the band are about to reform and tour, aided by ex- Soulfly drummer Roy Mayorga. Stranger things have happened, but not many."

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son of man said...

No problem my brother, I'll just change the link. ;)

stAtE_enEmy said...

fala puno...avec digo traziv ovaj prejeban doc...btw blog ti je prejak osobeno one introdactions oko stvari ...ziveli!

son of man said...

Hvala ti brate enEmy na podršci, cenim i poštujem. Živio!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to rip and upload this gem. The thing is you didn't though did you? You stole it from docs4u. How do I know that? Because I ripped it and I posted it there.

You've got a cheek. Ask permission next time eh.


son of man said...

I know that you ripped it sham69, but tell me, do you think that it's maybe better for me to download your links and upload doc again on my own ?

I think that by posting your links you're geting all the credits, cause I'm not into "collecting RS poens business" and maybe you are, I don't know that. But OK, next time I will ask you for permission, no problem. ;)

P.S. And please don't say it like that, that I stole it from docs4u, cause I have here docs4you banner, and I also post lots of my stuff there, so it can't be named "stolen", I'm just "borowing" cause this blog is not about just posting docs, but also a reviews in my language, and links are there just because people in Serbia and ex-YU doesn't know where to find those docs that I like, OK ? :)

Anonymous said...

I've answered your pm and removed your link as requested. I am a free megaupload user and don't get any brownie points for the number of downloads. As its you and I didn't realise it was,then leave it. If it gets removed though its because someone from Belfast Records has seen the link here (just like I did with a simple google search) and not on docs4u and that is down to you. If that happens then you can re-up it.

And yes it is polite to ask first before posting someone else's links.


son of man said...

No problem brother of mine, will ask you next time ;)

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