Friday, April 16, 2010

On The Ecstasy Of Ski-Flying: Werner Herzog In Conversation With Karen Beckham (2007)

Jako zanimljiv intervju sa Herzogom za sve pažljive gledaoce i slušaoce. Herzog govori o letenju, vanzemaljcima, DVD-evima, o publici, komediji, o Buster Keatonu i Fred Astairu, o Holivudu, o svojim filmskim tripovima i još mnogo čemu. (63 min)

"On The Ecstasy Of Ski-Flying: Werner Herzog In Conversation With Karen Beckman is, quite simply, a recording of a chat between the two participants that was held at the University of Pennsylvania in 2007. Beckman, a Jaffe Associate Professor of the History of Art and the Director of the Cinema Studies Program at the school, wisely lets Herzog do most of the talking, asking pertinent questions as the need arises but serving more as a moderator than anything else.

Anyone familiar with Herzog's films or personality knows that he's as interesting a character as any of the fictional people that populate some of his films. This intimate talk allows the man to discuss his feelings on art and cinema and to express what it all means to him and what drives him as a filmmaker. Herzog discusses some of his influences, which surprisingly enough, show a love of early slapstick comedy films, and the 'all singing - all dancing' films of Fred Astaire. He also discusses the mysticism and spirituality of his more transcendental pictures, and how modern technology can and often does co-exist in his films. In terms of the spirituality, he essentially says that he can 'only touch that with a pair of pliers' inferring that there's much more out there than he's able to touch on in his films which leads into his thoughts on Burden Of Dreams, the amazing documentary that showed his struggles to finish Fitzcarraldo and portrayed an incredibly difficult struggle against nature (which is, interestingly enough, a recurring theme in his films). On a more technical level, he covers the use of music in his movies and his thoughts on romanticism in cinema, and how a lot of times he considers cinema to be a lot like painting a landscape."



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