Tuesday, October 7, 2008

American Hardcore (2006)

Paul Rachman

SSD, Minor Threat, Black Flag, Circle Jerks (najjachi naziv za bend ikada), Bad Brains, Negative FX, 7 Seconds, Corosion of conformity, Cro-Mags (ili kako su neki svojevremeno izvalili "hrvatski magovi" pa bojkotovali bend ahahaha) etc. iz vremena kad je HCpunk bio zaista punk !!! Meni lichno pored priche o svim ovim okultnim bendovima koje sam slusho samo tako 90-ih pa i dan danas po neki volim da chujem, najjacha pricha je ta o chuvenom rivalitetu izmedju scena D.C-a, N.Y.C-a i Bostona i te masovne tuche na gostovanjima, lud'lo jednom rechju. Znachi uz onaj film o trash metalu 80-ih "Get Thrashed" jednostavno je neizbezno pogledati i ovaj dok. da bi se shvatila celina tj. kolko je ta scena bila jaka 80-ih i kakve su bile kljucne razilike izmedju metal fazona i ovog HCpunk, naravno ne u muzickom smislu jer muzika je na obe strane bila vise nego dojajna. Sto reche neko americka HCpunk scena je bukvalno spasla pank pokret koji je se u UK pretvorio u neki skrnavi mejnstrim zahvaljujuci Pistolsima i slichnima i taman kad je sve zamrlo i krenulo lagano da odlazi u qrac pojavilo se ovo neopevano ludilo u SAD and saved the day fazonchina. AWESOME bre. MUST SEE !!!


"Inspired by Steven Blush's book "American Hardcore: A tribal history" Paul Rachman's feature documentary debut is a chronicle of the underground hardcore punk years from 1979 to 1986. Interviews and rare live footage from artists such as Black Flag, Bad Brains, Minor Threat, SS Decontrol and the Dead Kennedys.

You would go out at night with a friend or two, look for some no name building where you would see a couple of punks hanging outside, go inside, pay your $6.00 and walk through a door or a small hallway, go down the stairs and feel the heat & smell the sweat, and then the assault of noise would fill the "club". In L.A. it could be the Cathy De Grand with D.R.I. or the Circle Jerks at the Sunset Ballroom with Youth Brigade, or, well it didn't matter who you went to see, you just had to get there and be a part of it. It was 90 MPH music coming at you with every possible watt there was. It was Loud,Fast, and Relentelss. That is Hardcore punk rock. When the bands were done, you gathered yourself, took a deep breath, looked yourself over to make sure you were all there, and you walked outside to get some fresh air. You survived another show. As the cars drove past, you laughed at yourself thinking, No one know's what just went on inside here. Well, This movie lets you inside. It's the real deal. When I watched some of the videos of the bands playing, I could not help myself from belting out some of the words from these great songs. This is American Hardcore the way I remember it. Great job on telling this story."



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