Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Mark Of Cain (2000)

Alix Lambert

Ja mislim da je ovde skroz jasno koji je rad. Most brutal: Ruski zatvori i tetovaže.


"The Mark of Caïn (2000) is an exploration of life in The Zone, a term for the prison system in Samara, Russia. Through interviews with inmates, family members and prison officials, Lambert paints a grim picture, and focuses on the tradition of tattooing to do so.Life in any prison is tough, but the conditions depicted by Lambert are barely fathomable. Cells are so overcrowded that inmates must agree on who will stand and who will sleep. Lambert does a great job of imparting to us the importance of The Thieves Tradition of the caste system, without which arbitrary clashes would surely take a toll. From the Downcasts to the Godfather-esque Thieves-in-the-Law, inmate skins boast markings that measure a man's provenance - a second passport stamped with crimes committed and sentences served. The quality of the artwork is surprising, considering that the tattooing must be completed covertly with nothing more than a customized electric razor.The aging generation of inmates offers observations that are cross-cultural. They frown upon the newer generation of inmates buying, rather than earning, the ink intended draw the required respect.The Mark of Caïn stamps an honor and order to an otherwise caged chaos."


Ivandeka said...

Ne znam kako sam ovo zaturio ali tek sam ga sinoc pogledao.Iiiiiiiiiiiii ovo je prejebano!Holi madr fakr,ludnica!Ne mogu nista da izdvojim jer mi se svaka scena,svaka situacija,svaka prica dopadala.Ko nije pogledao magarac je bio:))).Aj u zdravlje i fala.Na skali od 1 do 10,dobija 11:)

Anonymous said...

Links work for me. Thanks!

PrimeMinisterOfSinister said...

Dokumentarac je neverovatan. OBAVEZNO POGLEDATI.

Anonymous said...

really enjoyed this doc, would love to see some more similar! thanks for sharing the knowledge

Anonymous said...

Thanks! Yesterday i saw the Eastern Promises movie and this will be the perfect match. Thanks again.

Unknown said...

One of the best documentary ever. I use this occasion to suggest you to read "Siberian Education" by Nicolai Lilin. It's an autobiography divided into 3 books, in the first one you can examine in depth lots of concepts you've found in this film.

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