Wednesday, May 26, 2010

North Korea - Crossing The Line (2007)

Povodom ovog rata koji se sprema, evo jednog skroz prikladnog dokumentarca. Radi se o američkim vojnicima stacioniranim u Južnoj Koreji koji su dezertirali 1962. godine te prebegli u Severnu. Kao veliki fan korejskog naroda i njihove specifične kulture, iskreno se nadam da do ovog bratoubilačkog rata neće doći, jer južno-korejska kinematografija je trenutno jedna od najjačih u svetu, a bogme i ekipa sa severa ima svoje tripove, samo što zbog izolacije nemamo baš često prilike da to i iskusimo. Jebiga, ipak je to jedan narod, govore istim jezikom, imaju iste pretke, istoriju, ma sve isto, a dušmani (velike sile) ih podeliše. More, smrt dušmanima ! (90 min)

"The story of US soldier James Joseph Dresnok, who deserted his unit in 1962 while guarding the peace in South Korea. After walking the most heavily fortified area on earth, he defected to the Cold War enemy, finding fame as a film actor and being hailed as a coveted star of the North Korean propaganda machine. Forty-five years later, this film reveals the lives of Comrade Joe and other American defectors."

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this and may I say you have an excellent blog and taste in documentaries.

I was wondering if you could comment on any audio/video sync issues in this doco? There is a similarly titled torrent circulating and in the comments on The Pirate Bay it says that it is out of sync. Is this version ok?

son of man said...

I watch all docs I post, and I never post docs which are out of sync, so this version is OK. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your reply. I downloaded these links and watched the documentary and at about 1:01:08 there is a brief cut in the audio and then the audio for me is out of sync for the rest of it. This was the same for me in Media Player Classic 1.2.1249 and VLC Player 1.0.5.

If anyone else has the same sync issue when watching it I found the following on The Pirate Bay and it worked for me perfectly.

"An adjustment of -3900ms seems to be fairly ok on the last 30 minutes. If you use mediaplayer classic you can find that in Options -> Internal Filters -> Audio Switcher -> Audio time shift"

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