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About wars in ex-Yugoslavia (in english)

Of course you out there, you're absolutely right, cause we, the Serbs, or better you say the extreme-nationalistic part of our nation, killed many, many Croat, muslim, and Albanian civilians in 90's wars, but they killed our civilians also in same monstruous and sadistic way (not to mention NATO bombing in '99), and just because of western propaganda (CNN, BBC, etc.) you don't know about atrocities they did to my people back in 90's, cause only Serbs are portraited as bad guys, and satanized by media, and all other sides where just innocent civlians who suffered from crazy Serbs and bravely defend their homes.

- mujahedin warriors in ex-Yugoslavia -

- the real war criminals, all 7 of them -

Of course we did a lots od war crimes (Srebrenica, Sarajevo, Vukovar), but crimes are done also on other sides, Serbian civilians were also the victims, and for example, Croats and muslims were even fighting between each others in Bosnia, and killed many, many civilians, but nobody knows about that, the whole world is talking only about Serbs as greatest beasts who fought with everybody, so people think - if they fight with everybody they must be the only bad guys in this story. And yes, Serbs killed the most people in ex-YU wars, but you maybe don't know that Serbs in Yugoslavia were the biggest nation, two times bigger then Croats, we had over 10 millions people from 24 millions which lived in Yugoslavia before the wars, so it's logical that we killed so many people, cause if maybe muslims or Croats were the bigger nations, they would kill us more then we killed them, and so on (please, tell me if I'm wrong). It's really very simple when you know the true facts, but too little people in the world knows it, so we, the Serbs, will stay the most notorious barbarians and killers after "terrorists" from Afganistan, Iraq and now Iran and North Korea for a long, long time.

- Serbian mass grave full of Albanians -

- Ethnical cleansing of Serbs done by Croat army in 1995 -

- Serbian palamilitar kicks killed muslim civilians -

And if there were no Novak Djokovic as a number 1 tennis player in the world, people would still think that we live in the the caves, and that we also must be cannibals, baby killers, incestuos rapists, and so on and on and on...sad but true !

- The REAL goal of NATO bombing in Serbia -


Alexcro said...

Sorry, you`re wrong. It depends on the point of view. I am not a Croatian nationalist, and will never be. But the fact is that Croatia was attacked and partly occupied by the Yugoslavian National Army, which later transformed into Serbian Army. When I mean occupied I mean that parts were ethnically cleaned by serbs, just because there were croatian serbs as numerous population. And we all knew that the serbs in the Yugoslav war had one motto and that was "wherever there`s one serb, it is serbia" (that means the whole planet is called Italy??).. I could continue for a lot, but I definitely won`t, because I respect "son of man" as a person, and by that I mean I respect his point of view. I never, but NEVER (neither during the war) tought that ALL the serbs are against croatians or justify the war at all. I am probably one of the rare croatians that were bothered by the police for putting Riblja Corba`s songs in the discotheque.. Simply, everyone has its part of guilt, that is for sure, but it depends on point of views who will be "guiltier"..

Zoon said...

It does not depend on point of view who is guilty, there is the truth and there is a lie.

1. Croatia wasn' attacked by Yugoslav Army, because Croatia didn't exist in 1991. In 1991. Zagreb was a city in Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia. The only ones that wer attacked in 1991. were Croatian terrorists.

2. Croats broke the law, erased Serbs from the Constitution, and eventually erased them all together from the country.

3. If California tried in USA what Croatia tried in Yugoslavia in 1991, and that's the terrorist act od seccesion, it would be crushed without mercy.

Those are the facts, dill with it man, it's been 20 years...

Alexcro said...

Well, you just confirmed my "point of view" theory. You, as serbian nationalist (and you obviously are, no hard feelings) have the other point of view, but let me explain it through your points (iako ne znam koji kurac pricamo engleski, kad smo oba dvojica sa balkana, al dobro, lec plej d gejm):

01) Croatia WAS attacked by Yugoslav Army, because Croatia wanted its own independence from the Yugoslavian union that was obviously a decomposing carcass. There is one interesting thing about the Yugoslav Army about that war: the war in Slovenia lasted some poor 10 days, because the Serbs had almost no interest in keeping Slovenia in the "Yugoslav" union. When you see the wiki page about the war in Slovenia, you will notice that the YA was present there with 22000 units, which is almost the number of units (soldiers) that were serving in all the barracks in the croatian city of Pula- which is a ridiculous and obvious sign that the "Slovenian war" was just a lousy farse aiming to withdraw from Slovenia. But in Croatia, the interests were bigger (territorial) and in Bosnia even more, so that is the explanation of the attacks of the YA. The story is actually more and more extensive and we should have a debate of hours and hours to list all pros and cons, and I really don`t want to argue with anyone about that, because the great band Wehrmacht says "Opinions are like assholes,
Everybody has one and they all fucking stink." You have your "truth", and I got mine.. So I will stop here with this answer.
02) The Serbs in Croatia started riots with their "balvan-revolution" incited by Slobodan Milosevic. Nobody erased serbs from Croatia, many of them remained and continued living in Croatia as normal loyal citizens (I myself have serbs in my wider family and among best friends, and everything was fine with them. The "erased" Serbs mentioned are the ones that escaped to Serbia by their own decision, and forced by the war activities (same goes for Croats erased from the croatian territories occupied by the YA - Vukovar, Knin etc.).
03)California would not ever try to do what Slovenia (it seems like you miss to mention them?) or Croatia or Bosnia, or every other country that made the ex Yugoslavia, even Montenegro and even Kosovo did, and that is to decide to live by its own, not under Slobodan Milosevic (regarding POINTS OF VIEW, to some hero, to others war criminal- of course, same goes for Franjo Tudjman). Every country decided to continue as an independent state, which was a completely normal situation that happened to other countries in Europe, as Czechoslovakia, Germany (that did the opposite) and most of all Russia who split in 200 new countries. So, to you it was an act OD seccession, to me an act of independency and liberation from a union that was already dead.

THOSE are facts, I don`t have problems dealing (not DILLING) with them, but you have. Even after 20 years.

Peace and love.

Alexcro said...


Unknown said...

E sad si ga zasro! Više ubijali jer su brojniji.......! E jebga sad si me razočara totalno! Da ti nisu kafetini naškodili!

son of man said...

A šta, 'oćeš da kažeš da npr. Hrvati ne bi ubili više Srba da su bili brojniji i imali veću vojnu mašineriju? Šta, kao hrvatski zločinci su cvećke a srpski su FULL ZLI, pa o tome sam bre i pričao, alo! I veruj mi, ja vrlo dobro znam šta se na hrvatskoj televiziji priča o domovinskom ratu, kako se veliča svaki potez bez imalo blama od počinjenih zločina jer naime Srbi su ti koji su vršili zloine i niko drugi. E, ako je to zaista tačno oko domovinskog, šta ono bi oko Mostara, jer su opet Srbi rušili mostove i ubijali civile, kako to objašnjavaš ?

A ako sam te zaista razočarao, pa brate u svakom trenutku si slobodan prestati sa čitanjem bloga, niko te ne bije po ušima da dolaziš ovde, jer ja nikad nisam bio politički korektan pa neću ni sad da bi se dodvorio bilo kome, to o ratu je moj stav i ne odstupam ni milimetar, OK ?

A za ovu prozivku za kafetin mogu samo nešto jako ružno da ti napišem ali ipak neću jer bi te onda definitivno oteralo. Dakle, ja mogu da budem "DOBAR SA SVIMA" da skinem ovog Mensona, ove "užase", svastike, i da imam još ovoliko čitalaca, ali gde je tu poenta? Da sam tako hteo da radim bavio bi se mejnstrim filmovima i verovtano bi do sad pokupio ogromne pare na ovome, a ne da kukam za 5 evra donacije koju mi je samo jedan lik dao od svih ovih "vernih" fanova i pratioca bloga. Sve moj do moga, e baš zato pišem šta mi se 'oće, kako ja 'oću, i jebe mi se za kritike dokonih koji dolaze da skidaju filmove a ne bi dinar dali kad bi im tražio. O tome se radi, SO BAC DA FUC UP!

Alexcro said...

Eeej, brate nemoj se zivcirati.. kao sto si rekao, nitko nikog ne tjera da dolazi ovdje. Ovaj jebeni rat je sjebana tema, i nitko od nas ne moze nametnut neku teoriju jer je sve istina i nista nije istina. To sto se STVARNO desavalo, mi to vjerovatno nikad necemo saznati.. zato batalimo da se bijemo oko toga jer je pointless..

son of man said...

Slažem se, opušteno...

Duci0167 said...

Pa jbg mudzahedini,učk,ustaše i posledica dela srpske strane. Treba biti fer pa reci odakle i zasto je pocelo a jednom kada rat počne otvara se pandorina kutija. Rat nije zabavište,svaka strana uprlja ruke krvlju nevinih.

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