Monday, September 6, 2010

GG Allin - Final Show 28. jun 1993.

"GG Allin's final performance was at the Gas Station club, New York in 1993,and the rumor is that he'd already taken a shed load of drugs before the actual show commenced. As things got under way, GG took a few swings at members of the audience and the show seemed to be going (typically) well. However, having completed the second song, the power was switched off and the show came to an abrupt end. Not being the most reasonable person in the world, GG went a little nuts and started to smash the place up (but he was so nice...) he crashed his head through a French window and generally abused and punched anyone that came close to hand. He soon tired of this and decided to leave the club in order to go and party at Johnny Puke's apartment. He left the club and walked through the streets of New York, naked and covered in shit and blood. As he marched through the street, his fans followed along behind him, overturning trashcans and throwing bottles at cop cars... A mini riot ensued, with cars screeching to a halt as GG and his entourage staggered out into traffic. Finally, after some half an hour of this street theatre of the bizarre, GG and friends managed to hail a cab and get to Johnny Puke's apartment to carry on with the festivities."



son of man said...

GG Allin - Final Show 28. jun 1993. - NEW LINK!

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