Saturday, December 6, 2008

Stephen Fry: The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive (2006)

Ross Wilson

Uspeo sam da nadjem dokumentarac o kome sam pisao na temu bipolarnog poremecaja aka manichne depresije, znachi BBC produkcija, 2 epizode od po sat vremena, e sad posto nisam nesto mastovit ovih dana a i film sam gledo ima jache od godinu dana, evo opisa na engleskom :

Episode 1
Stephen Fry explores the world of manic depression, a mental illness which affects up to 4 million people in the UK, including himself. He sets out to uncover more about a misunderstood condition which drives those who have it from extreme highs to crippling lows. Stephen describes the impact on his own life and meets up with ordinary people and celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Carrie Fisher, Tony Slattery and Rick Stein to discuss what triggers it and why it often takes years to diagnose it.

Episode 2
Stephen Fry reveals in detail for the first time how this mental illness overwhelmed him 11 years ago when he walked out of a West End play and attempted suicide. Since then, just like up to 4 million other sufferers in the UK, he has had to figure out ways of living with it. In a world where the medication is as feared as the illness itself, he talks openly about the path he chose and how he now questions it. He speaks to celebrities like Richard Dreyfuss who owe their life and career to medication, and to the family of one girl who committed suicide rather than take the drugs.




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