Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Atomic Cafe (1982)

Directed by:
Jayne Loader
Kevin Rafferty
Pierce Rafferty

Ovo je tolko jako, da ja nemam tolki fond reči da bi opisao valjano, a i u minusu sam tako da mi nije do života a kamoli do pisanja nekakvih tamo rivjua. Uglavnom, kraj 2. svetskog rata i početak hladnog, nuklearni testovi na teritoriji SAD, testovi i nad svojim ljudstvom, širenje mržnje prema domaćim komunistima, prajsles propagandni i vojni filmovi iz 50-ih, tadašnje vesti sa radija, uglavnom jedna opšta paranoja i ludilo, i naravno veličanstvene scene detonacija atomski i hidrogenskih bombi u New Meksiku i po Pacifiku. Dokumentarac koji je dosego kultni status u SAD. (85 min)

"The Atomic Cafe recounts a defining period of 20th century history and serves as a chilling and often hilarious reminder of cold-war era paranoia in the United States, artfully presented through a collage of newsreel footage, government archives, military training films and fifties music. Inventive, sharply satiric montage of Cold War propaganda is hilarious, alarming by turns. Too repetitive for some, but cult-status film appeals to fans of black humor, social satire, offbeat documentaries."

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Dark Glow of the Mountains (1985)

Werner Herzog

Kako sam Herzog kaže na početku, njegova namera nije bila da snimi film o planinarenju, ono što je on ovde želeo da otkrije je šta se zapravo dešava u glavama tih planinara kada se upuste u tako ekstremne poduhvate, kakva fascinacija ih goni ka ovim vrhovima?

A scenario je u najavi samoubilačko-katastrofičan, dva jarana oće da se ispentraju na dva ozloglašena vrha, i to jedan za drugim, bez ikakve opreme, bez baznog kampa, bez boca sa kiseonikom, znači sve to neodoljivo podseća na Touching the Void (2003) samo je ovo mnogo gore jer se radi o Himalajima i o svestki notorioius vrhovima Gasherbrum 1 i Gasherbrum 2.

Pred polazak na ovu samoubilačku misiju Herzog umesto testamenta iz njih izvlači čitavu filozofiju koja se krije iza te vrste ekstremnog planinarenja. Definitivno jedan od jačih radova, ceo je na nemačkom jer su i alpinisti kolko sam skonto Nemci, no tu je engleski titl. Dakle, uživajte dok možete. (45 min)


"The Dark Glow of the Mountains is a TV documentary made in 1984 by German filmmaker Werner Herzog. It is about an expedition made by the genuinely legendary freestyle mountain climber Reinhold Messner and his partner Hans Kammerlander to climb Gasherbrum I and Gasherbrum II - two of the world's most difficult peaks - all in one trip without returning to base camp. The film is not so much concerned with showing the climb itself or giving guidelines on mountaineering, but seeks to reveal the inner motivation of the climbers. This is a beautiful jewel of a film that delivers so much more than one would expect and has quite rightly been described as one of Herzog's greatest works."

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

First Person (2000)

Director :
Errol Morris

Serijal od 17 kratkih dokumentaraca o neobicnim ljudima i njihovim zivotnim pricama, hobijima, i tako nekim suludim akcijama. Ja sam stigo do 10. price i mogu da kazem da je svaka zanimljiva za sebe, jos plus traju po 25 minuta i to je onako bas taman-potaman. Izdvojio bih 9. epizodu, "Smiling in a Jar", o direktorki jednog skroz bizarnog muzeja, i 10. epizodu, "You're Soaking In It", pricu o zeni koja drzi agenciju za cishcenje mesta zlochina, gde ona prica o tim svojim iskustvima i razlozima zasto je uopste pocela da se bavi tako zajebanim poslom. Errol Moris je bas lepo osmislio koncept, osoba sedi sama u prostoriji ispred kamere, a on postavlja pitanja sa nekog drugog mesta, tako da se ljudi skroz opuste jer nije klasican intervju nego kao da direktno razgovaraju sa kamerom. Jako chudan trip, a i mnogo dobro je rezirano, ima cak i onaj umetnicki fazon koji ja bas nesto i ne jurim posebno kada su dokumentarci u pitanju ali ovde to skroz lezi.


"Amazing series primarily using Errol Morris' invention the Interrotron for unusual people to tell their outré stories directly into the camera to the viewer. Almost every half-hour documentary episode focused on 1 person, especially scientists, criminals, cranks, plus everyday folks in strange circumstances. First season seen on Bravo, second on IFC. Having a roaming crew at the ready led Morris to start filming his Academy Award winning documentary on Robert McNamara, "The Fog of War." Some subjects came from Morris' back-file, others were newly uncovered. First season included the autistic woman scientist who designs humane slaughterhouses (Temple Grandin, "Stairway to Heaven"), the parrot whose testimony in a trial exonerated a man wrongly accused of murdering his owner, the ex-lobster fisherman devoted to being the first to see a live giant squid ("Eyeball to Eyeball"), and a serial killer groupie. Second season had some 2 parters such as a haunted passenger who landed a crashing jet liner, also the entrepreneur who believes first mate Gilligan is the new messiah ! Errol Morris hoped to continue "First Person," but funding was unavailable."

* "Stairway to Heaven" — Temple Grandin, autistic college professor and expert on humane cattle slaughter techniques
"What would it be like if I actually was a cattle? Because it's important not to be anthropomorphic."
Temple Grandin, university professor and diagnosed autistic, has designed 1/3 of the slaughter houses in the United States. She's renown for her design "stairway to heaven", a curving high-wall ramp system that utilizes optical illusions to lead livestock calmly from the pen to the bolt gun and ultimately to a humane death. Temple Grandin understands and relates more easily to cattle than people. At home, she spends some of her most peaceful moments in a customized cattle "squeeze chute" — ordinarily used for immobilizing animals for inoculations.

* "The Killer Inside Me" — Sondra London, serial killer groupie and writer
"When you're dealing with a serial killer day in and day out..."
Sondra London had lost contact with her high school sweetheart, Gerald. The years had passed and she was in an unhappy marriage and a dead end job writing word processing manuals. But Gerald was in the newspaper — as the suspected killer of forty women. There always had been something about Gerald Schaefer. They rekindled their affair. Sondra and Gerald eventually broke up for good. But there's a new man in her life, Danny Rollins — the Gainesville Murder. They're engaged.

* "I Dismember Mama" — Saul Kent, promoter of cryogenic immortality
"Immortality is my short term goal..."
Saul Kent didn't make the usual funeral arrangements for his mother. He wanted her severed head cryonically preserved -frozen- for future resuscitation. The San Bernardino County DA wasn't convinced Mother Kent had died of natural causes and was preparing to autopsy the remains. But Saul took the head on the lam. Could he elude police while maintaining the head at a proper temperature until he reached the Alcor Life Extension Company?

* "The Stalker" — Bill Kinsley, employer and victim of a disgruntled postal worker
Bill Kinsley was on the fast track at the post office. His dream was to become Postmaster General, that is, until he met Thomas McIlvane, kick boxer, letter carrier, gun freak, and soon to be mass murderer. At the end of the carnage, Kinsley was alive and McIlvane dead, but for Kinsley the nightmare did not end. Today he lives in fear, waiting for someone out there in the night that might be coming to kill him.

* "The Parrot" — Jane Gill, victim of a murder with a possible avian eye-witness
Jane Gill was found dead, smothered in the master bedroom of her 21-room mansion. Near her lifeless body the police found Max, her 16-year old African gray parrot. A brilliant bird with a vocabulary of over 450 words, Max was reduced to repeating one phrase over and over again following his owner's demise: "Richard. No, no, no, no, no..." Gary Rasp, Gill's business partner and the beneficiary of her $2 million insurance policy, was put on trial for her murder. All that stood between him and the California gas chamber was a one and a half pound bird with orange tail feathers. Was Max really repeating what he heard the night of the murder? Would the judge let this talkative African parrot testify in a California court of law? And if the bird really knew what happened, who was Richard...?

* "Eyeball to Eyeball" — Clyde Roper, authority on the giant squid
Clyde Roper is on a life-long quest to be the first person to see a living giant squid. A lobster fisherman and then an invertebrate zoologist at the Smithsonian Institute, Roper has obsessively hunted the mythic creature for over 30 years. This bizarre animal, which grows to the length of a football field and has eyes the size of volleyballs, has continually eluded him. Roper's obsession has even landed him in the hospital for quadruple bypass surgery. Here is a story about a man who started off trapping seafood, who may end his life being trapped by seafood.

* "Mr. Debt" — Andrew Capoccia, whiz lawyer for credit-card debtors
Is unending, unyielding, all encompassing debt an unavoidable fact of life...? Perhaps. Perhaps not. OK, if not, then who's responsible...? Who got us into this mess...? Can someone be blamed...? Andrew Capoccia's answer is an unequivocal, "Yes." Credit card companies, collection agencies, in short, banks and their agents are frantically fighting to put Capoccia behind bars. A "credit card revolutionary," Capoccia wants to take down the credit system. He's gotten rich by taking hundreds of thousands of people caught in the endless spiral of credit card debt and confronting creditors on their behalf - and winning. Despite his successes, he's been fined over a million dollars by the courts, sued by the attorney general for fraud, and condemned by an attorney review board. Capoccia is embroiled in a crusade that threatens the system of credit as we know it. But is he a selfless moral crusader or a shyster opportunist? Is he a genius or a fraud?

* "In the Kingdom of the Unabomber" — Gary Greenberg, Unabomber pen pal and would-be biographer
Gary Greenberg, a psychotherapist fixated on becoming a writer, was unable to get his work noticed. What better scheme than to attach himself to a writer who had not only gotten published but was also something of a celebrity?? The only drawback, Greenberg's writer was the notorious, the infamous Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. They started a correspondence. Seemingly innocuous at first. And then, yes, fraught with problems. A couple of misunderstandings. Unexpected competition for Ted's affections, and then all hell started to break loose. Greenberg, who had hoped for a little assistance in his writing career, found himself in the middle of a paranoid nightmare. But was it of his own devising?? And was the Unabomber just a little annoyed or was he a lot angrier than that...?

* "Smiling in a Jar" — Gretchen Worden, director of the Mütter Museum of medical oddities in Philadelphia
The Mütter Museum (located in Philadelphia) is an often overlooked museum of medical specimens and curiosities. Gretchen Worden, its perverse director, presides over an assemblage of wax models of dermatological deformities, monstrosities floating in brackish liquids, Grover Cleveland's bladder stones, and, oh, so much more. Worden's bout with Hodgkin's Disease led her to this museum of oddities. For her, "it's all about stories," and each specimen in her custody has its own unique and important story to tell.

* "You're Soaking In It" — Joan Dougherty, crime scene cleaner
After her stepson's tragic shotgun suicide, Joan Dougherty was left with an unnerving and disgusting mess. There was no one to turn to, no one to help, so Dougherty broke out mops, buckets, and scouring pads and got to work. Intent on helping others who find themselves in the same situation, Dougherty started her own business cleaning up after violent crimes and grisly decompositions. A true entrepreneur, Joan now hopes to effectively market her services, build her company's profile and attract clients. She started her career comforting herself in her grief, but has become a "designated mourner," the woman who cares when no one else is willing or able to give a damn.

* "The Little Gray Man" — Antonio Mendez, retired CIA operative and master of disguise
For 25 years as a CIA undercover agent, Antonio Mendez led two lives. Or was it that he was living no life at all...? In his efforts to become invisible, to become "a little gray man," overlooked by everyone, he needed to blur his identity not only to others but also to himself. To his friends he was a bureaucrat working for the Department of Defense. To the leaders of the CIA he was their master of disguise?someone who could create an entirely new identity for anybody, anywhere, anytime. Whether in Hong Kong, Laos, Moscow or Iran, Mendez led many risky missions, including the daring rescue of six American diplomats from 1979 revolutionary Iran and the exfiltration of a Soviet mole from Moscow in the depths of the Cold War. His motto: "Once is an accident; twice is a coincidence, three times is an enemy action."

* "Harvesting Me" — Josh Harris, internet entrepreneur (We Live in Public) and TV addict
The 3rd millennium has been ushered into existence. No apocalypse. No Four Horsemen. No end of the world. No nothing. Nevertheless, Josh Harris, Internet entrepreneur and aspiring artist has decided that the 2nd coming is at hand. And "the new Messiah" is none other than Gilligan, that's right, the Gilligan, from Gilligan's Island. No, not Bob Denver, the actor playing Gilligan. He is but an avatar or the messianic life force, which is Gilligan himself. For Harris, life is a sad tug-of-war between those who control reality and those controlled by it. The weapon is media. And Harris, in an all-out onslaught on the world, has decided to make his own torpid existence into a new religion.

* "The Smartest Man in the World" — Chris Langan, bar bouncer with the alleged world's highest IQ
There's Mensa. There's the Triple Nines. There's the One-in-a-Thousand Society. But the members of these societies are dummies compared to those rare individuals with IQs so high that new tests must be devised in order to measure them. Chris Langan, body-builder and nightclub bouncer, has the highest recorded IQ in history. By his own account, somewhere in the 190-210 range.

* "The Only Truth" — Murray Richman, lawyer to New York mobsters
Human beings are a violent species. Murder. Torture. Mutilation. Murray Richman specializes in the dark and grisly. Guilty of a heinous crime? "Don't Worry" Murray, legal counsel to gangsters and gangstas, arsonists and racketeers, will fix you up. And chances are you'll beat the rap. Murray got a jury to believe that a murder victim had accidentally fallen seven times onto a knife. Oddly cynical for an idealist, oddly idealistic for a cynic, Murray offers up his vision of Truth, Justice, and the American Way. Is he Liberty's last champion or just another wiseguy?

* "One in a Million Trillion" — Rick Rosner, professional high school student and Who Wants to be a Millionaire?
What do you do when things don't quite go your way? Give up? Move on? Try something new? Not if you're Rick Rosner. Obsessed with "getting it right," Rick went back to high school. Not once, not twice, not three times. Four separate times. In fact, he kept going back until he was 34 years old using a combination of fraudulent IDs, wigs, and prosthetics. You might consider him an expert, not on make-overs, but on do-overs. Now a bouncer, a nude model, and a cosmologist, Rick has taken that same commitment to repetition to the television program, Who Wants To Be a Millionaire. You see, Rick was on the show, and he lost to a bad question. With his record-breaking IQ, he didn't take it too well. After two years of exhaustive statistical analysis, looking at every question in every version of the game, he has ruined his very own life. Now on the edge of sanity, he is advancing a theory of cosmology in which the universe is seen as trillions of years old. "Why so old?" you might ask. To give it the opportunity to endlessly copy itself.

* "Mr. Personality" — Dr. Michael Stone, forensic pathologist and homicide aficionado
Michael Stone thinks he has figured out the human psyche. Classify the negative traits. Draw up lists, charts, Venn diagrams. Fill books with them. Take those books, compare them with other books, use them as "diagnostic tools." Metaphors abound: the Radial Tire Model, the Wiggins Circumplex Model, anxiety clusters, the lost continent of incest. What makes a serial killer? Why are certain people prone to fits of rage? Take a candidate, run him through the proscribed formulas, and you end up with a precise and definitive answer. Psychopath, sociopath, pathological narcissist. Stone has built an endlessly self-reflexive world out of nomenclature. In the quest to classify others, has he merely gotten lost in himself?

* "Leaving the Earth" — Denny Fitch, DC-10 pilot and hero
The plane was out of control. The flight control systems were inoperable, severed by shards of the Number Two engine. There were 296 S.O.B.'s, souls on board. A flying bomb filled with tens of thousands of pounds of explosive aircraft fuel. No one knew what to do. Not the pilot, not airline maintenance, not the manufacturer, not the aircraft designers, absolutely no one. Check pilot Denny Fitch, a passenger in first class, went forward to the cockpit, where he managed to control the plane using only the thrusters. The crash landing was a miracle. In subsequent simulations, no pilot could pull it off. Why was Denny Fitch on that plane? How did he manage to land it at all? 186 people lived, but 111 people died. Of course, everyone would have been dead if not for Fitch. Will the memory of the 111 ever leave Fitch in peace? Even though he did the impossible, will he always be haunted by the belief that he might have done the impossible better? The dream of a perfect landing...


I, Curmudgeon (2004)

Alan Zweig

Od režisera Vinyl (2000) i Lovable (2007), dokumentarna studija o tzv. "mrzovoljnim" ljudima, dakle o ljudima koji razmišljaju negativno, ili ih možda samo okolina tako percipira. Zweig je ovde u svom prepoznatljivom fazonu (kamerica i ogledalce) navatao baš dosta takvih osoba, što javnih ličnosti, što svojih jarana, i ovde možemo da vidimo kakve su to zapravo muke kad je sve oko tebe crno sa nijansama sivog. Naravno, svi ćemo se mi na ovaj ili onaj način pronaći u ovoj priči ali to ne mora da znači da smo svi negativni, neki jesmo, neki niste, ja npr. pogađate, jesam, još od malih nogu, to se odmah videlo, dakle pesimizam, negativna percepcija stvarnosti baš kako ju je i Karl Pancram opisao, "mrzim celu ljudsku rasu uključujući i samoga sebe", pa onda "da mi sad dadnu dugme za automsku odma' bi ga pritis'o", i slično. Jebeš mi sve, na ovu temu bi mog'o omanju knjigu napisati, tolko ima toga što bi se moglo objasniti a da bude razumljivo i veselim, pozitivnim ljudima, jer sve se to može raščlaniti i racionalizovati zašto i kako, ubeđen sam u to, samo treba malo vremena i inspiracije.

Eh, bejah ja jako plodan "pisac" dok sam bio na spidu i efedrinu, a sad malo morgen, al' jebiga, to je cena "zdravog razuma", dal' oćeš da budeš non-stop drogiran i sjeban a da pišeš dojaja, ili da budeš strejt i opet sjeban, a da ti ne ide al' nikako, da moraš da čekaš taj jedan mrtvi dan u mesecu kad te krene. Šta ću, prinuđen sam da biram "zdravlje na prvom mestu", inače da se samo ja pitam, da imam uslova tj. para i slobodnog vremena, ovo bi bio jedan dojaja blog, ko nekad, al' sjebaše me Litijum i Leponex samo tako, nedobog nikom. Znači, smrt stabilizatorima i ostalim farmaceutskim sranjima koja ubijaju inspiraciju, a sloboda slobodnom blogovanju pa makar i u najbolesnijem smislu, jer kakve veze ima, pa bre i Barouz se drogiro čitavog života, a da ne pominjem ostale istaknute fanatike. Oj živote, gorak li si...

"In this often very funny enquiry into crankiness, Toronto filmmaker Alan Zweig interviews notable curmudgeons like Fran Lebowitz, Harvey Pekar and Bruce LaBruce. Zweig wants to know what their frickin' problem is and, more importantly, whether it's the same as his. As in Vinyl, his equally irascible doc on record collectors, the endearingly dour filmmaker spends much of I, Curmudgeon spilling his guts directly to his camera and torturing himself with big questions that he can never answer satisfactorily. Zweig then confronts his subjects with the same questions, thereby making them even grouchier. (How grouchy? Andy Rooney is moved to kick Zweig out of his office.) Though I, Curmudgeon's meandering structure and incessant jump-cuts are irritants, they're also appropriate to the movie's abrasive, anti-social personality. Consider this a testament to the power of negative thinking."


ALCZ + ACAB vs. Zabranjeni - 02.09.2012

Monday, September 3, 2012

The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia (2009)

Julien Nitzberg

Jesco's back, Jesco's back on the map!!! Najnoviji dokumentarac u kojem se pojavljuje legenda američkog juga, svima omiljeni Jesco White. Posle dva genijalno suluda dokumentarca, Dancing Outlaw (1991) i Jesco Goes to Hollywood (1999), i biografskog igranog filma White Lightnin'(2009), evo konačno jednog full-lenght dokumentarca koji će oduševiti sve nezrele uzraste, i koji u startu ulazi na "abraxas best of" listu. Iako Jesco u ovom genijalnom radu ima zavidnu minutažu, ovo zapravo nije dokumentarac o njemu, nego o njegovoj zaista pregolemoj familiji, porodici White, od njegove majke Bertie Mae White kao najstarije, i ujedno glave porodice, dakle matrijarhat verovali ili ne, pa do gomile unučića, jer ona je izrodila ali i usvojila baš oho-ho podosta dece. Ovo je priča o svima njima, gde su ih pratili godinu dana, i bukvalno niko nije izostavljen, pa čak ni oni koji su po zatvorima.

Osim Bertie koja ima 85 godina, svi ostali se gudraju ovim ili onim drogama, ali uglavnom je tu u pitanju speed kao drug of choice siromašnog američkog juga, ali naravno da ima i vutre i ko zna još čega. Uglavnom, najjači rad, kad se jedna od ćerki porodila i snimaju je u bolnici sa bebom i ostavlja bebu i ladno izvlači lajnove, znači VR', i jedino ona baš mala deca su strejt. Normalno, Jesco je uvek prvi i prednjači u porocima, jer iz prethodnih dokumentaraca pa i onog igranog filma smo saznali da je ko klinac godinama duvao benzin, ali bez zajebancije, ja sam mislio da je to samo mit, dok nisam izvalio ovu priču, tako da navodno ima neko teško oštećenje mozga pa je i ležao po psihijatrijama, i kao jedino gudra može da ga smiri, inače poludi, sve polupa i tako redom. Da ne davim mnogo, najjača scena, Jesco se tetovira i ladno pored svog miljenika Elvisa tetovira i Mensona, dakle tačno sam znao sam da je Jesco moj crnja, i da američki jug prepoznaje prave vrednosti, znači vaistinu prajsles momenat, srce mi je i zaigralo i prolajalo.

I dokumentarac skroz, ali skroz opravdava svoj naslov, jer to uistinu jeste divlja i prelepa priča o porodici White, i možda nekom deluje da su ovi ljudi skroz ludi, ali takav je ceo taj ruralni jug, tako da zaista nemam odgovor zašto je to tako, mada imam jednu kao gistro teoriju. Naime, svi znamo za onu priču o četnicima i partizanima, da su po Srbiji za vreme 2. svetskog rata neka sela i celi krajevi bili partizanski a neki četnički, tako da kad su na kraju partizani izašli kao pobednici, nova komunistička vlast je četničke krajeve totalno zapostavila, i većina para namenjenih za razvoj i obnovu zemlje je išla u časne, patrizanske krajeve, a ovi drugi nisu dobivali skoro pa ništa. Naravno, ja ovo nikad ne bih pričao napamet da se nisam i sam u to lično uverio, naime tamo početkom 70-ih godina, moj deda je rešio da kupi jedan omanji plac da bi sagradio vikendicu, tj. zapravo brvnaru sa Zlatibora koju je nasledio, pa ju je samo rasklopio, preneo vamo i ponovo sastavio. Zbog standardnog nemanja para odlučio se da kupi neki jeftiniji plac, a takvi su logično mogli da se nađu samo u slabije razvijenim delovima Srbije, i naravno da je tu prednjačila Mionica sa okolinom, kao poznato četničko uporište, a u taj kraj spada i Banja Vrujci i okolna sela, tako da je uspeo par kilometara od Banje da kupi plac i da sklopi tu brvnaru koju i dan danas koristimo jer je dojaja.

E sad, neki od vas će na pomen Banje Vrujci pomisliti da je to ona fensi Banja gde se pravi čuvena Voda-Voda, gde su luksuzni bazeni, hoteli, leti ludnica, najjače kupalište u tom kraju Srbije pa i šire, ali verujte mi, nije oduvek bilo tako, to je ranije bila prava ona realna vukojebina, 80-ih bre nije bilo ni puteva, a o mostovima da ne govorimo, tako da kad smo dolazili porodično kolima morali smo kroz prilično duboku vodu da gazimo, a ako nedajbože padne kiša, pa nema šanse da stigneš kolima dalje od centra Banje, em što nivo vode poraste, em što seljaci traktorima razvale one "drumove", i naprave realnu kaljugu, pa kola proklizavaju i na kraju se zaglave u blatu, ili što reče Rumenka u Radovanu "Blato do kolena, seljaci se bodu noževima", mada ovde zaista nije bilo takvih incidenata, vaistinu pitom neki narod iz tog kraja, i za svih ovih 30-ak godina kol'ko pohodim Banju Vrujci, nisam čuo ni za jedan incident te vrste, dakle raj na zemlji, ali da je taj kraj bio ruralna divljina nekada, bio je i te kako. I tek pre 10-ak godina su krenuli sa "obnovom", sagradili puteve, mostove, i sve što ide uz to, tako da je to danas pravo ludilo leti, ne možeš da poveruješ kolko sveta se tu sjati iz svih krajeva Srbije pa i šire, to bre ne mož' da prođeš kol'ka je gužva, tako da više i ne idem na te bazene, samo blejim u selu, održavam duševni mir i tako taj rad, čitam and shit.

Ali što imaju vodu to nijedna Banja u Srbiji takvu nema, pa ne bi džabe Vlade Divac tu otvarao pogon i rasipao novce, mada ta njegova voda je sa drugog izvora, i iako su jako blizu jedan drugom, nije ista, ova originalna old school je mnogo jača, pa evo moja baba koja je bolesna od srca i još trista čuda od svoje 20 i neke godine, ona ceo život pije samo tu vodu, ima 80 godina a realno joj ne bi dali ma ni 70 kako dobro izgleda, a imala iljadu operacija svega i svačega, tako da vam najtoplije preporučujem tu vodu, dobra je najviše za pritisak, tu najbolniju tačku velike većine Srba, ali i za oči, ma bre za sve bre, jer moja baba vam je živi dokaz. Inače, to vam je odma' tu kod Ljiga, skrenete sa Ibarske magistrale par kilometara i tu ste, neverovatan predeo, realan raj na zemlji kad vidiš ona brda i proplanke, potočiće, ovčice što pasu, krave, samo još ljudi da nema i odma' bi se tamo preselio, i samo zamišljam kako je tu bilo npr. 60-ih godina prošlog veka, milina, i iskreno, mnogo mi je bilo gotivnije kad nije bilo puteva i gužve, al' šta da radiš, nagrnuo svet sa sviju strana. A ja i inače obožavam te brdovito-planinske krajeve, i mislim da bi realno već poodavno izvršio samoubistvo kad bi živeo npr. negde u Vojvodini, jer ipak su to geni, svi moji preci su živeli po brdima i planinama, ovi ćaletovi pod Kozarom u Bosanskoj Krajini, a mamini na Zlatiboru i kod Višegrada, tako da mi je to provereno usađeno u podsvest, i tu onda nema boga.

Dakle, gde sam stao, znači četnički krajevi su bili totalno ruralni i nerazvijeni, i iskreno Banja pomalo i liči na krajolik Zapadne Virdžinije, a ako znamo da je JUG, isto kao i četnici, izgubio u američkom građanskom ratu, onda dolazimo do zaključka da nije nimalo čudno da kada gledaš filmove snimljene u tim krajevima (obavezno pogledati igrani film Winter's Bone (2010)), da izvališ da je to pravi onaj white trash, da se tu sve raspada, ma bre haos, a gde je haos tu je i incest, tako da ja kontam da je samo incest mogao da izrodi ovakvu plejadu zanimljivih likova ko iz Crumbovih stripova, i lepih i ružnih u isto vreme, i agresivnih i nežnih, i tako dalje, mada naravno nisam siguran da je baš to u pitanju, ali moje je da nagađam, jebiga, imam blog pa mi se može, pišem šta god 'oću a neko to i čita, ma milina jedna, eh da je bilo tih blogova 90-ih ko zna šta bi sa mnom bilo, verovatno bih bio mrtav. Dakle, obavezno overite ovaj magistarski, jer ko ne bude pogledao pa jebaću mu majku majčinu, kad mora tako da se izrazim, ne šalim se, jer ovo je tol'ko jako da sam bio prinuđen da nabacim najviše skrinšotova ikada, i evo sad prosto ne znam šta da turim kao ilustraciju, uostalom pogledajte taj trejler !!! (88 min)

"Shoot-outs, robberies, gas-huffing , drug dealing, pill popping, murders, and tap dancing - what do these all have in common? These are just a few of the parts of being a member of the Wild and Wonderful White Family. The legendary family is as known for their wild, excessive criminal ways as they are for their famous mountain dancing members, including Jesco White, the star of the cult classic documentary "Dancing Outlaw." Exploring both the comic and tragic sides of life on the other side of the law, this stylish, fast-paced family portrait exposes the powerful forces of corruption, poverty, and West Virginia's environmentally and culturally devastating coal mining culture that helped shape the White family, a dying breed of outlaws preserving a dying form of dance."

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Madness In The Fast Lane (2010)

Ultra bizarna priča o dve sestre bliznakinje koje uporno pokušavaju da izvrše samoubistvo izletanjem na autoput, dok čitavu dramu snimaju pandurske kamere. Posle par pokušaja jednu od sestara gazi prikolica kamiona i lomi joj nogu, a druga napada policajku koja pokušava da je zadrži na zemlji. Prvu odvozi hitna pomoć dok druga završava u muriji, da bi samo dan kasnije bila puštena na slobodu. Čim se našla na ulici upoznaje muškarca koga ubrzo zatim ubija nožem iz skroz nepoznatih razloga. Postavlja se pitanje o čemu se ovde radi, jer kad je ova mlada žena privođena ni na trenutak nije delovalo da je mentalno bolesna, što dokazuje i policijska kamera koja je snimala čitav proces. Isto tako nije jasno kako dve osobe mogu da se ponašaju totalno identično, i dal' se zapravo radi o suicide paktu ? Kako dokumentarac odmiče otkrivaju se detalji iz prošlosti koji samo postavljaju nova pitanja a ništa ne rešavaju. (48 min)

"In 2008, BBC cameras caught two Swedish sisters throwing themselves into traffic on the M6. Days later, one of them, Sabina, stabbed a man to death. The ensuing case documented here was complex and fascinating, raising questions about why Sabina’s mental health wasn’t properly investigated after her wild motorway dash, and what sentences are appropriate for the mentally ill."

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