Sunday, August 25, 2013

Murders of Hollywood (2003)

Runtime: 62 mins

"The documentary The Murders of Hollywood presents information about some of the most shocking deaths and murders in the history of Hollywood. Hollywood is a place like any other, only more so. Occasionally the odd murder will occur, and people will wonder if it was simply another murder or part of a Hollywood web of intrigue that will never be solved because of the power and money of the perpetrator. This program examines some of the most notorious murders of Tinseltown, including Alfalfa Switzer (of the Little Rascals), William Desmond Taylor, Johnny Stompanato, Sal Mineo, Bob Crane, Dorothy Stratten, Nicole Simpson, and over a half-dozen more."

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Love Behind Bars (2005)

Runtime: 86 min

"A look at women who fall for convicted felons, ranging from serial killers like Ted Bundy and Richard Ramirez, to less-infamous convicts. The overview includes the harrowing story of Veronica Compton, who fell under the spell of Hillside Strangler Kenneth Bianchi and attempted a copycat murder that resulted in a life sentence. Also interviewed is author Sheila Isenberg (“Women Who Love Men Who Kill”). Samantha Harris hosts."


Peter, Paul And Mary - In Concert (1964)

01. The Times They Are-A-Changin'
02. A 'Soalin'
03. 500 Miles
04. Blue
05. 3 Ravens
06. One Kind Favor
07. Blowin' In The Wind
08. Car-Car
09. Puff (The Magic Dragon)
10. Jesus Met The Woman
11. Le Deserteur
12. Oh, Rock My Soul
13. Paultalk
14. Single Girl
15. There Is A Ship
16. It's Raining
17. If I Had My Way
18. If I Had A Hammer

Friday, August 23, 2013

Adoration (1987)

Olivier Smolders

Runtime: 16 min

Kratka drama snimljena po istinitom događaju koji se odigrao 1981. godine kada je Issei Sagawa, 32-ogodišnji Japanac na studijama u Parizu, pozvao holandsku studentkinju Renée Hartevel na večeru u svoj apartman, da bi je zatim upucao, a njeno telo raskomadao i dobar deo pojeo. A šta se kasnije, posle hapšenja, dešavalo sa Sagawom možete saznati i u dokumentarcima Issei Sagawa: Excuse Me For Living (1993) i The Cannibal that Walked Free (2007).

"This 16 minute long film is based on a real life incident. Its shot entirely in monochrome and has no dialogues except for the part where the girl recites some poems. The special effects are awesome, the director uses very innovative camera movements and angles to make this film technically almost perfect. The film works in its totality too. In the very short time frame, the director succeeds to present a very strong picture of passionate power play. The man looks at the woman with awe, kisses her, listens to her recite. After killing her, he even undresses her with utmost care, strokes her body with his hands and finally consumes her completely. What better way to culminate the ultimate passion that a man feels for the woman of his dreams! Its sick, its perverted. And its still the most basic, most natural form of obsession. Very interesting piece of cinema, this. But definitely not suitable for all."

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Slayer - Dead Skin Mask

Graze the skin with my finger tips
The brush of dead cold flesh pacifies the means
Provocative images delicate features so smooth
A pleasant fragrance in the light of the moon

Dance with the dead in my dreams
Listen to their hallowed screams
The dead have taken my soul
Temptation's lost all control

Simple smiles elude psychotic eyes
Lose all mind control rationale declines
Empty eyes enslave the creations
Of placid faces and lifeless pageants

In the depths of a mind insane
Fantasy and reality are the same

Graze the skin with my finger tips
The brush of dead warm flesh pacifies the means
Incised members ornaments on my being
Adulating the skin before me

Simple smiles elude psychotic eyes
Lose all mind control rationale declines
Empty eyes enslave the creations
Of placid faces and lifeless pageants

Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders Part II (2010)

Josh Hancock

Runtime: 105 min

"On the morning of April 12th, 1981, fourteen year old Sheila Sharp stepped into Cabin 28, her home in the remote town of Keddie, California, to discover a horrific sight. Bound on the floor with wire and tape were her mother, Glenna "Sue" Sharp; her brother, fifteen year old John Sharp; and John's friend, seventeen year old Dana Wingate. The victims had been knifed, claw-hammered and strangled to death--a scene that one police officer described as a "homicidal frenzy of violence."

Inside Cabin 28, blood stained the floors and spattered and smeared the walls, and police officers even found stab marks in the walls. The victims, particularly Sue Sharp, had been viciously attacked, beaten, bludgeoned, stabbed, and asphixiated. To this day, despite countless tips and potential suspects, the murders remain unsolved. It is one of Northern California's most notorious cold cases and has been inactive for over two decades, leaving family members and an entire community bewildered and angry.

But the tide is turning for this famous unsolved crime. Due to the efforts of a team of filmmakers and a loyal online community, there is distinct cause for hope that the Keddie Murders will finally be solved. Two documentaries (listed below) delve deep inside this case like nothing before, pinpointing suspects and possibly even proving their involvement in the homicides."

"Cabin 28: The Keddie Murders Part II, released October 1, 2010, provides a fuller exploration of these unsolved murders than its predecessor. Interspersing new interviews with archival footage, police reports, and crime scene photos, this documentary leaves no stone unturned. You'll hear excerpts from interviews with all the key players, including the major suspects; listen as an investigating officer walks you through the crime scene; and marvel at a community determined to see justice served. The documentary's startling conclusion uncovers what law enforcement agencies and the families of Sue, Johnny, Dana and Tina have been waiting to hear for almost thirty years: a confession to these horrendous crimes."

Alice Cooper - Desperado

My favorite Alice Cooper song!

I'm a gambler and I'm a runner
But you knew that when you lay down
I'm a picture of ugly stories
I'm a killer and I'm a clown

Step into the street by sundown
Step into your last goodbye
You're a target just by living
Twenty dollars will make you die

I wear lace and I wear black leather
My hands are lightning up on my gun
My shots are clean, my shots are final
My shots are deadly and when it's done

You're as stiff as my smoking barrel
You're as dead as a desert night
You're a notch and I'm a legend
You're at peace and I must hide

Tell where the hell I'm going
Let my bones fall in the dust
Can't you hear that ghost that's calling
As my colt begins to rust, in the dust

I'm a killer, I'm a clown
I'm a priest that's gone to town

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

The Women of Rockabilly (2001)

Beth Harrington

Runtime: 60 min

"Their stage antics were sassy, bordering on aggressive. Their vocal styles featured distinctly "unladylike" growls, hiccups and moans. Their lyrics spoke of parties and hot rods, flirtations and teen angst.

Brenda Lee, Lorrie Collins, Janis Martin and Wanda Jackson discuss their passion for the music, the trajectories of their careers and personal lives, and the surprise and pleasure with which they view the present-day resurgence of interest in their music. The Women of Rockabilly is their story.

To say that women such as Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee, Janis Martin and Lorrie Collins were ahead of their time is a gross understatement. Uniquely American artists, yet loved by enclaves of dedicated fans the world over, these were the women of rockabilly music, rock and roll's country cousin. For a few brief moments, they burst onto a predominantly male scene with an unprecedented musical message of female assertiveness.

Their stage antics were sassy, aggressive, almost raunchy. Their vocal styles featured distinctly "unladylike" growls, hiccups and moans. Their lyrics spoke of parties and hot rods, teen love and teen angst. They played everywhere from country fairs to honky-tonks to rock shows. They boldly strutted their stuff and were billed as "Little Miss Dynamite," "The Nation's Number One Party Girl" and "The Female Elvis." In the eye-opening film WELCOME TO THE CLUB - The Women of Rockabilly, we meet four of the most influential rockabilly women - Wanda Jackson, Brenda Lee, Janis Martin, and Lorrie Collins - all of whom have survived a life of hard knocks and are still rocking today.

Uniquely American artists, yet loved by enclaves of dedicated fans the world over, Wanda, Brenda, Janis and Lorrie were the queens of rockabilly - rock and roll's country cousin that had its short but influential heyday in the mid-1950s. For a few brief moments, they burst onto a predominantly male scene with an unprecedented musical message of female power and assertiveness. They not only bucked the staid notion of what was appropriate to sing as a country star, but also rejected the models of post-war femininity that were being marketed in the wider culture - models of suburban wedded bliss and a return to "traditional" motherhood. The women of rockabilly were anything but demure, decking themselves out in leather, denim or vampy, skin-tight sheath dresses.

The music known as rockabilly was an amalgam of swing, country, and rhythm and blues that first flourished in the southern and western United States in the mid-'50s and '60s. Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins were best known for it, daring to take the forbidden "race" music, black rhythm and blues, to a white listening public. Rockabilly defied the social order and was gender-bending material. Women challenged the status quo with sassy manners and musical aggression, while men adopted slithering wiggles, grew their hair longer and put an emotional cry in their voice."


Interview With a Psychopath

"This is an example of a psychopathic power-control rapist/sex offender from a video series entitled: Truth, Lies and Sex Offenders & Sadistic vs. non-Sadistic Sex Offenders, created by Dr. Anna Salter. This segment shows a chilling example of what a criminal psychopath really is."

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ignite ‎- Call On My Brothers (1995)

Još jedna jako bitna ploča iz mog šteka. Radi se o melodičnom hardkorpank bendu IGNITE koga pored surove produkcije krasi i zaista jedinstven vokal. Posebno obratite pažnju na pesmice Ash Return, Should Have Known, i po meni najbolju - You! :)

01. ash return
02. straight ahead
03. black light
04. faraway
05. you
06. epidemic
07. in my time
08. distance
09. call on my brothers
10. should have known
11. aggression
12. slow
13. sided
14. family
15. 50 and a month

Cold Light of Day (1989)


Runtime: 81 min

Sasvim solidno urađen igrani film o serijskom ubici Denisu Nilsenu, inače britanskoj verziji mnogo čuvenijeg Džefri Dahmera, jer pored toga što je Denis bio gej, svoje žrtve je ubijao u klasičnom "killing for company" fazonu, baš kao i Dahmer, jer ga je progonio taj večiti strah od napuštanja, pa je stoga ubijao svoje partnere i tako mrtve ih danima čuvao u svom stanu. Film i nije imao neki budžet ali to prave fanove ovog podžanra nikako neće omesti da uživaju u još jednoj real life serial killer ekranizaciji.

"One has to admire the balls it took to make this movie. For a start, the atmosphere is cloying and intense, and if you've taken the time to track this movie down then chances are you probably know a little bit about it. Based on the crimes of British serial Killer Dennis Nielson, cold light of day is a slice of docu-drama little like anything you've ever seen before. i saw this on video in its 75 minute entirety, and it is a difficult movie to sit through. It makes you feel so uncomfortable, and tries, in its own way to present its characters with some compassion, but they are all so cold and pathetic that you squirm in your seat and wait for it to end. It took me a long time to track this little gem down, and it has had a couple of releases in the UK throughout the 1990's, but its a hard film to watch. Certainly a must for serial killer movie buffs or anyone interested in lensing their first movie, cold light of day is awkward and, in several places, downright unpleasant. Henry Portrait of a serial killer was gruesome, Cold Light of Day is a shiver than runs down your spine in the dead of night."

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