Monday, November 25, 2013


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"The Performa 13 event Frank Haines presents Zeena Schreck: Live from the Eye of the Storm was a must-see. The November 8th one-night-only event did not disappoint [...] Jingling bells and padded footsteps echoed in the darkness. The curtains silently parted, dramatically revealing an electrified, vermilion environment. Dead center, with hands held in the Mudra position, stood the seemingly twenty-foot tall goddess Zeena. With a painted gong behind her, Bharoocha and Hermund adorned her sides. Bharoocha lit incense that swept through the audience as Zeena’s commanding gaze pierced us all (everyone I talked to after the show swore she was staring directly at them) [...] Zeena towered over us in a powerful, haute couture black vestment designed by Ohne Titel. [...] Seamlessly, a sound and voice collage emerged from the trio. Zeena began by activating a large singing bowl. As she began to chant in an unidentifiable language, musicians Bharoocha and Hermund masterfully maintained the rhythm. With Hermund staring straight ahead and Bharoocha’s eyes closed, both seemed deep in trance. The healing process of sound and vibration washed over me and I relaxed into the spellbinding show. What initially seemed like songs, I learned was a series of mantras. Each psalm mandated a new combination of auxiliary percussion instruments. I’ve never heard so many different types used in a single performance–mesmerized the congregation [...] The entire ritual lasted approximately 45 minutes and I left with a bewildering calm, peace, and awe [...] As for seeing Zeena again, the notion strikes that this was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. I must let whatever vibrations I absorbed from the High Priestess feed me for as long as possible.''

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Posted by admin at Nikolas's request.

"As many of you know, the worldwide mass media are having a field day with the shallow and salacious "Is Charles Manson Getting Married?" stupidity featured in this week's EXTREMELY deceptive profile on Charles Manson by "journalist" Erik Hedegaard. I find it particularly irresponsible that Hedegaard exploited Star's trusting generosity to him and wrongly characterized her as a Susan Atkins lookalike and potential murderer, which is malicious nonsense the media is now spreading to its constituency of idiots.

Mr. Hedegaard interviewed me in Los Angeles last year after ordering The Manson File: Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman. He told me in elaborate credible detail that Rolling Stone had specifically assigned him to expose Bugliosi's lies in Helter Skelter. He asked me for leads and areas to investigate, and I provided them to him in depth. Manson himself was (correctly) sceptical about Hedegaard's good intentions, but based on the the writer's proposal to 'expose Bugliosi's lies' (concealing his true intentions), I suggested to Manson that he should meet him, which I now regret.

Another associate of mine was present during Hedegaard's meeting with Manson. This person immediately saw that Hedegaard was pursuing the same old crap journalists always spew on this subject and was not at all fulfilling the promises he made to those of us he used to make contact with Manson. He confronted Hedegaard on his hypocrisy and not surprisingly, none of this was mentioned in the cowardly and evasive article that appeared.

I will speak further on the subject of the media's deceptive tactics in a forthcoming interview TBA soon, but thought that those of you who read the Rolling Stone feature should be informed of its unreliability. NS"

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Abraxas Pandža (1977-2012): I leave all my belongings to my cat!

My modest legacy as you can see consists of stickers, vinyl records, books, 2 DVDs, few scarves, 1 police baton souvenir from 2000, and the one book I wrote. All my belongings I leave to my cat!

Moja skromna zaostavština sastoji se od nalepnica svih vrsta, 50-ak ploča, nekoliko knjiga, 2 DVDa, par navijačkih šalova, jednog pendreka zaplenjenog od policije, i jedne knjige koju sam ipak uspeo da završim za života. Čitavu svoju zaostavštinu ostavljam samo i isključivo svom mačetu Skvikiju. Hvala.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Blackfish (2013)

Gabriela Cowperthwaite

Runtime: 83 min

The odličan, znači must see!

"Blackfish, is a documentary film about the multiple incidents, including the three deaths, that prompted the ongoing court case between Sea World, and OSHA, the "Occupational Safety and Health Admissions". These 3 deaths, which included 2 Orca trainers, were caused by Sea World's infamous bull Orca "Tilikum." Through a series of interviews with former Orca trainers that worked with, or around Tilikum, and other problematic captive Orca, the film tries to find an explanation for what happened."

Monday, November 18, 2013

BLEEDING NOISE # 5 - Numero Especial: El Archivo MANSON

BLEEDING NOISE is a Xerox FANZINE from Colombia, South America. These guys are editing right now a special gigantic edition on the Manson phenomenon (over 200 pages) with plenty of different views on this always interesting topic, but for the very first time all that written in their native Spanish language. Most of the information relate to notorious Tate-LaBianca case and the Manson phenomenon itself, but always alerting readers about lies presented in official Helter Skelter theorie, leaving behind all new relevant informations and evidences that came up to the surface in last few years, only because of those selfish interests of certain people in power. That’s why the main goal of the special issue on Charles Manson is to portrait most of the unknown facts or unalike faces of Charlie, besides "Manson the mass murderer", "Manson the criminal", and stupidest of it all - "Manson the serial killer", which is so fuckin’ stupid that even goes beyond stupidity of Obama and Bush working together. In this issue you will read of Manson as the political prisoner, the musician, the artist, the revolutionary through a variety of biographical chapters and a series of articles, reviews to the various cultural events in which the Manson phenomenon has been echoed.

In this issue you’ll read interviews with:

Autopsy, Darkthrone, Macabre, Cryptopsy, Amon, Denial Fiend, Beatallica, The Shangs, Helltrain, Elitist, Winterus, Maelstrom, plus an exclusive phone conversation between Manson himself and our collaborator friend, the hottest Herlaka Rose (Model, Journalist in Serial Killer Magazine & Beyond the Dark Horizon webzine) which is one of the many people who remained in contact with the old man through not a precisely low-priced phone calls from Corcoran Prison. Read also an in-depth interview with the main Manson Memorabilia collector ever, Mr John Aes-Nihil, auto declared as the lord of Aesthetic Nihilism, plus other mansonites like Dwid Hellion & Holy Terror Records, Bo Edlund &, writers John Gilmore, Adam Gorightly, and the Spanish transcriptions of Nikolas Schreck recent interview on Tate LaBianca Radio Show.

But that’s not all, you’ll also find detailed reviews of Los Beach Boys, Red River Dave, Freedie Hubbard, Neil Young, Klaatu, Bobby Beausoleil, ReddKross, Genöcide, Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV, Werewolf Chaos y Anthichrist, Sonic Youth, Scrapping Foetus off the Wheel, Flaming Lips, Radio Werewolf, GG Allin, Lemmon Heads, Ozzy Osbourne, Current 93, Suicidal Tendencies, Death Angel, Otis Ball, Amon, Skinny Puppy, Righteous Pigs, Shit Scum, The Shangs, Maryllin Manson and the Spooky Kids, White Zombie, Integrity, The Manson Family Opera, Diesel Queens, Sharon Tates Baby, Manson Youth, Assassins Musical, Motorpsycho, Starfuckers, Eugene Chadbourne, Jesus Fuck & Da Murderers, Manson(usa), Skyclad, NIN, La Familia Manson(esp), Curd Duca, Sinsiter, Teatro Satánico Charles Manson(ita), Bathory, Discharged, Death Dealers Compilation, Blood Axis, Especimen, Paradise Lost, People Haters, Electric Hell Fire Club, Babasónicos, Edge Of Sanity, Church of Misery, Debustrol, System of a Down, Kenneth Anger, Death in June, Necro, Celtic Frost, Combichrist, Alkaline Trio, Kill By Numbers, Car Bomb, Die Monster Die, The Jackalopes, RatoRaro, Pretty Maids, Son of Man, Necrophagia, The LaBiancas, Uncle Acid and Death Beats, Down, The Thill Kill Kult, Leonard Cohen, Superjoint Ritual, Posmortem, Decapitated, and Unearthly Trance y muchasmás.

And finally but not last a detailed short biographical chapters on Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate plus plenty of movies and a lot of more stuff to come. For more info write to, visit our blog or support us by liking our facebook page

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sumanuta potraga za sedištem ds-a po Beogradu vol.1

Došo mi u petak jaran iz Tuzle (nazovimo ga Amir) da malo ko fol obiđe nekada beli grad i da se zadojimo pivom kako i priliči staroj raji. A dogovarali se mi preko fejsa da on fino uvati bus iz Tuzle koji kreće u 11.15 a da ga ja nako domaćinski, uz trubače, sačekam na štajgi oko 15.30, ali pre nego što smo zaključili deal njemu iz meni skroz nepoznatog razloga pade na pamet opsesivno-kompulsivna ideja da mora što pre da se učlani u ds, navodno čuo čovek da su to neki mnogo fini brzi ljudi sa brzim i konkretnim rešenjima za ubrzani razvoj ne samo čitavog regiona nego i građana kao pojedinaca, i ladno navalio da to uradi što pre, na vrat na nos. Eh, džaba sam ja i preko po ure objašnjavao Amiru da demokratska stranka ordinira samo po Srbiji a i to svakim danom sve manje od kad su ih Grobar i Miljacka poterali u doživotnu opoziciju, te da u Bosni neće naći ni SDS a posebno ne u Tuzli, a kamoli ds, jer poslednji put kad je neko iz ds-a posle onog vola na Palama (ne, tad Tijanić još nije bio zreo za ražanj) išo u te krajeve to je bio Maneken kada je išo da se izvinjava rodbini žrtava onog pokolja u Srebrenici, i to iz fazona - prvo će vas malo ubijamo pa će se posle kajemo i izvinjavamo, jer ako već katolici to mogu da rade u svetoj ustanovi kao što je crkva, što mi Srbi ne bismo mogli da odradimo to na jednoj finoj livadi kraj Srebrenice, mislim, što mi moramo vazda da budemo gori od tijeh Hrvata? Naravno Maneken je na tom groblju prošo ko Ganciji u Solunu, prisutni narod ga je počastio ma bolje nego što bi prošo ko specijalan gost na mitingu SNS-a. No batalimo se mi Manekena, ionako je politički poodavno mrtav, a o mrtvima valja sve ponajbolje govoriti, jer ipak tako nam nalaže naša hrišćansko-paganska tradicija, a mi tradiciju i te kako poštujemo, a posebno onu vazda aktuelnu pored kazana za rakiju. I tako, Amir i pored mojih uveravanja da toga u Bosni nema ma ni u najavi najave, i da se strpi do dolaska u Beograd gde bi ga ja lično odveo žutima na vrata, ipak ode u potragu za kantonalnim odborom tuzlanskog ds-a, a sve uz obećanje da će čim se učlani tj. popuni pristupnicu, po'itati na onaj bus za Beograd, i ja reko sebi, evo opet sam džaba krečio kad je to izbosne tvrdoglavo by nature i tu boga znači nema al' ni na tarabi.

I tako vam kažem, kreno on po Tuzli okolo naokolo, a ja za to vreme vodio žestoku bitku inaćenja sa nekim omladincima iz SAD-a na fejsu, taman da ubijem vreme do dolaska busa na beogradsku štajgu. Zovnem ja štajgu za svaki slučaj, pitam kad dolazi bus iz Tuzle, ova mi veli u 15.30, i ja reko dojaja, znači mogu opušteno da krenem sat vremena ranije jer iako živim na Vidikovcu u najgrđem predgrađu, Slobin metroom stižem do štajge za tričavih čuku vremena. I bi tako, pojavih se ja na štajzi u pola 4, pitam na informacijama odma' jel' stigo bus iz Tuzle, a fina jedna gospoja mi odgovara, kaže, ma jok bre, samo što nije.

A udario neki vetar, neka ladnoća, tako da sam se vrlo brzo smrzo ko pička, al' šta ću, nema mi druge, mora sačekam čoveka. I prođe tako jedno 20-ak minuta i stiže mi poruka od Amira na mob, piše nešto iz fazona - e kao jbga, nisam uspeo da nađem ds, pa sam zakasnio na ovaj bus u 11.15 al' kao nema frke dolazim sledećim koji kreće u 16.45, i ja tu več snimim d se sprema propast širih razmera, jer čovek mi u 16h javlja da je zakasnio na bus u 11, i teši me time da vata prvi sledeći za koji sam ubrzo saznao da stiže na štajgu oko 20.15. Dakle morao bi da čekam još tričavih 4 sata na onoj ciči zimi, a beše tolko hladno da samo što sneg ne poče padati na behar na voće. Šta da radim sad koji kurac, šta mi je činiti - pitao sam sebe onako u panici, a bez i dinara u džepu da makar odem da se zagrejem u neku od okolnih kafanica. I setim se ja jedne cure sa kojom sam kasnije te večeri trebao da se nađem, navodno je neko muvanje trebalo da padne jer je ašik dobro prošo, pa bi nam ovo bio prvi dejt i tako to, i javlja se ona, ja joj objasnim da me ovaj jaran zakuco i kako ne znam ku' ću ni šta ću u sledeća 4 sata, te je zamolih da me primi u to njeno navodno ogromno društvo sa Mirijeva, da ne umrem bezveze ko vlak u snijegu. Ali avaj, odjeba me mala na keca, kaže - nema šanse, ja sad moram da idem kod ortaka na kafu, pa posle da se nađem sa ostatkom društva, a ti i ja ćemo se naći u 20h ispred ulaza u železničku stanicu, a tu smo dogovarali nalaženje jer smo trebali da idemo u neku kafanu kod Železničkog Mosta, i dodaje na kraju, ma jak si ti, izdržaćeš ti to, i ja slušam, znači ne mogu da verujem šta je riba upravo rekla?! Ladno me odjeba na keca jbotebogdatejebo, i što je još gore, čak se ni ne potrudi da zamaskira svoje potpuno bolenje kurca, i ja onako zbunjen, pa malo jer reći totano sjeban i ubiven u pojam, pomislih u trenutku, pa dobro, cura je barem skroz iskrena, udara odma' u glavu, ne folira se, ali se onda opet setih da imam još 4 sata praznog hoda tj. ničega u ničemu na ovoj vetrojebini te se moja panika samo još više produbila.

I taman kad sam već počeo ozbiljno da razmišljam da odjebem sve i da se fino vratim kući, dosetih se da moja jaranica još iz 90-ih, Olja, živi tu gore kod skupštine sa mužem i sitnom dečicom, pa sam je odma' okrenuo i konačno čuo jednu lepu vest u bujici nikakvih. Duša moja me pozvala da svratim do nje, dala mi adresu i to je bila ona topla ljudska reč koja mi je bila toliko neophodna, te bejah spašen u poslednji čas. Lagano sam se uputio na surovi uspon ka Terazijama, ali čak i pored toga što sam bio svestan da ću realno da umrem do gore, zatim dobijem hardkor plikove i upale sviju mišića, opet mi bilo izuzetno drago jer je Olja jedna od najpozitivnijih osoba koje znam, a tamo će biti i njena dečica pa ću imati i s kime da se poigram.


P.S. Ko prvi otkrije o čemu se zapravo radi u ovom tekstu dobiva jednu specijalnu nagradicu primerenu skromnim uslovima ovog bloga! :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Tram 11 - Za 10 godina (feat. Ivana Husar)

Legendarni zagrebački hip-hop duo Tram 11, i njihova meni ubedljivo najdraža stvar "Za 10 godina" na koju se i dan danas ježim, prvi put objavljena na kultnom albumu "Vrućina gradskog asfalta" iz 2000-te godine. Preopake rime, matra taman kakva treba da bude, zatim Ivana Husar na bek vokalima i brate Target kao realno najjači reper sa ovih prostora. Dakle, samo bahato u startu i nikako drugačije!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Neil Young turns 68...two days ago :))

Evo, sa omanjim zakašnjenjem od čitava dva dana, došlo doba da se i ja oglasim kako i priliči. Dakle, veliki muzičar i humanista, Neil Young, u utorak 12. novembra 2013. napunio je 68 godina. E, pa nek' mu je srećan i ovaj rođendan i da nam poživi još barem 10-ak godinica, jer to ne mož' nikako da mu škodi, i za kraj ću još samo napomenuti da se rodio na isti datum kao i Čarli Menson samo 11 godina kasnije, tako da mu je dug i plodan život već u najavi obećan. Eto, pa uživajte u njegovoj po meni najjačoj pesmici što se i muzike i lirike tiče. Ajd' pa živeli! :)

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Treći srpski rat!

Od kad poče ovi Treći Srpski Rat (SWIII) u kome učešće uzeše svi Srbi, od Banjaluke pa do Pirota, i od Subotice pa sve do Kosovske Mitrovice, a gde se ne zna ni koji pije a kamoli plaća, i gde se koristi svo ono dobro znano naoružanje, od sitnih tzv. opleti-štanglica, boksera, armatura, štanglica sa šrafovima na vrhu, cigli, flaša, piksli, teleskopa, letvi, seljačkih kobri, lopata i ostalog poljoprivrednog oruđa, zatim baklji, topovskih udara, bejzbolki, kuvanih motki u narodu poznatijih i kao kuvana glava, pa sve do mačeta, sekira, skalpela, noževa sviju vrsta, i naravno neizbežnih pištolja svih kalibara (duge cevi za sad još nisu primećene), ništa više nije isto. Dakle, od kad poče taj rat čije se dimenzije ni ne naziru, ja odma' uvideh da sam realno najebo u startu, jer nit sam naoružan ko svaki pošteni srpski domaćin, nit previše pokretljiv pa da mogu da uteknem kad zagusti ko nekada, te sam u'vatio sebe na pravdi boga kako duboko razmišljam šta mi je činiti. Na tren se čak i zastideh svojih dubokoumnih misli, ali se brže bolje prenu' u surovu realnost Srbije today, i tada, u deliću kvotera sekunde, konačno spoznah svoje jastvo a sa njim i sve ono šta mi je odraditi.

Shvatio sam, moram preseći tu šuplju priču i preći na dela. Ne časivši ni časa smesta sam otišao do lokalne frizerke i samouvereno joj rekao - "More ženska glavo, ošišaj me na 'ljotićevku' i ništa me ne pitaj!" - a žena zabezeknuta, godinama naviknuta da me šiša na keca, bez i jedne reči prionula je na posao, jer ipak je to Vidikovac i tačno se zna koja frizura je 'ljotićevka', mada sam snimio i neke klince kako su se pod uticajem Sekuline most pathetic serije "Ravna Gora" već ošišali na "dražinku" pa i brade ladno počeli da puštaju bogati! I tako, sredim se ja tu u fulu i vratim kući, te pristupim mrštenju, nadrkavanju i zauzimanju pravog stava pred ogledalom, a sve ne bi li ustoličio svog novog sebe punog samopouzdanja i kuraži, onog Abraxasa koga kada vidiš na ulici odma' zazireš i povlačiš se u divljem begu, a ne ko do sad dok sam nosio plast sena umesto kose na glavi i hipi bradurinu pa mi se svako drugo napaljeno derište kurobecalo i pretilo mačetama i čime sve ne. E, toga brajko više biti neće, dosta je bilo, jer realno ovo je jedini način da delimično pošten čovek, koji ne koristi svo ovo gore navedeno oružje danas opstane u ovom prljavom ratu svih protiv sviju. Dakle nek nam je bogupomoći jer svašta će biti, upamtite moje reči!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Happy birthday grandpa Charlie! :)

Dear Grandpa, happy 79th birthday!
You will outlive them all! :)

Dragi deko, srećan 79. rođendan (malo li je) žele ti tvoji unučići! :)

For Charlie's birthday, this year instead of overrated Cuban cigars I'm specially opening Russian "prison cigarettes" that my friend brought me back from Moscow. As you can see the filter is almost twice the size of the part with tobacco, and it's hollow, so the filter doesn't really exist, it's just an empty hole through which you can inhale tobacco. That kind of filter is designed so that prisoners from one filter very easy can make few more small filters, so that when they run out of purchased cigarettes, they can roll tobacco or some other rollable plants, Awesome, isn't it? :)

"The PRISON let MANSON go to DISNEYLAND for his B-DAY!!!

And that's me smoking this controversial Russian cigarete. I look like Richard Kuklinski in small dosage on this photo, don't I? ;)

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Laibach - S (2013) EP

01. Eurovision
02. No History
03. Love On The Beat - Live (Edit)
04. Resistance Is Futile

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Serial Killer Culture - TRAILER!

"Serial Killer Culture examines the reasons why artists and collectors are fascinated by serial killers. Through music, painting, filmmaking, writing, and collecting, thirteen individuals are interviewed about creating art and searching for murderous artifacts."

Friday, November 8, 2013

NOFX: 10 Years of Fuckin' Up (2003)

Runtime: 116 min

Ko ne voli NOFX mož' da umre komotno, dakle najluđi bend ever sa i te kako ozbiljnom porukom, jedan od retkih koji nije menjao fazon svirke tokom čitavih 30 godina postojanja, i njihova najjača faza zaključno sa 1994. godinom, a gde su mi Ribbed i The Longest Line najomiljenija izdanja, i čim se obogatim, znači loma sjutra, kupujem to sve i na vinilu, yeah!

"Ten Years of Fuckin' Up (FAT590) is a VHS video of NOFX released November 8, 1994 and re-released October 7, 2003 on DVD. The video included 19 live tracks of performance. The DVD version feature NOFX's commentary plus the Vandals's commentary on NOFX's commentary, as well as the instrumental version of the song "Glass War" playing over the title menu."

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Ljubomir Zdravković (1946-2013)

Moj jedini i najdraži komšija, čika Ljuba, jedan od najvećih srpskih arhitekata, preminuo je juče 5. novembra u Beogradu. Čovek koji je obnovio Narodno Pozorište, Pozorište na Terazijama, i ko zna koliko još građevina izgradio po Srbiji i Rusiji, naučio me još od malih nogu kako da se ophodim sa pločama, da slušam prvi album Time-a sa Dadom Topićem a ne Bijelo Dugme, zatim da se prihvatim i Džonija Keša pored Dilana, da slušam Indexovo Radio Pozorište, gledam Radovana Trećeg još kad je slabo ko za to znao u Beogradu, bio je jedan od osnivača Nove Stranke na Vračaru koju smo svi entuzijastično podržali, i skoro 25 godina smo živeli ko prve komšije na Vidikovcu. Živeo čika Ljuba!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Zeena Schreck Nightwatch Radio Interview Oct. 22, 2013 (Complete Interview)

"Zeena Schreck is interviewed by Nightwatch Radio Oct. 22, 2013. Zeena speaks about her live performance in New York November 8, 2013 for the 11th anniversary of the Sethian Liberation Movement and other topics."

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Who says you can't fuck a cop? - 30.10.2013. Spartak, Moscow

Rašrafiše Spartakovi ovu muriju i to ljucki, kičmu im u čvor sabiše, definitivno najluđi snimci meseca oktobra! :)

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Interviews Before Execution: Fascinating, disturbing Chinese talk show

Eh, taman kad sam pomislio da su Rusi najluđi eto Kineza da mi sjebu znanje :(

"Interviews Before Execution is a fascinating mixture of good, old-fashioned reporting, TV sensationalism, and an undefinable quality that is uniquely poignant and human. In its tone, the show feels like a cross between America’s Most Wanted and a Barbara Walters special. Regardless of one’s feelings about the death penalty—count me against—it’s difficult not to think that the show’s positive effects outweight its negative ones. As none other than Albert Camus pointed out (in “Reflections on the Guillotine”), if you argue for the death penalty because of its deterrent effects, it’s a contradiction to conduct the executions and everything surrounding them far from public view, as is done in the United States. Whatever your position, the show has featured some incredibly compelling television, and even if the viewers’ reactions may feel comparable to rubber-necking, the show does permit the audience to get to know convicted murders not as statistics but as complex members of the human race."

Friday, November 1, 2013

20 GIFs Proving Russia Is The Most Bizarre Place On Earth

20 gifova koji objašnjavaju zašto su Srbi samo sitne ribe u ovom moru plavom pored Rusa a tu se kao nešto kurčimo i talasamo večito, dakle obrati pažnju...mada ćeraćemo se mi još, ni ruska neće goreti do zore, dohakaćemo mi i njima ko što smo mnogima, nek se sete samo '48, neka, neka...

"In the past we’ve looked the Russia’s space program propaganda, their thrilling landmarks, their peculiar online social networks, their sexy pin-up models, their brutal criminals. But as of yet, we’ve never really shown you what daily life is like in Russia, how even the most normal of scenarios can suddenly become utterly terrifying and out of control. This collection of GIFs bring to life all the weird, wonderful and scary situations that anyone, at any given point to find themselves right in the middle of."

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