Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Laibach - A Film from Slovenia (1993)

Daniel Landin
Peter Vezjak

"A Film from Slovenia provides insight into the enigma of Laibach. Laibach describe their work in their own words; giving a sense of their music, their drama, and their irony, as well as a glimpse of the Eastern European and Slovenian influences that created the band. Directed by Daniel Landin and Peter Vezjak, A Film from Slovenia was written by Chris Bohn and was originally made for Slovenian TV and Mute Film in 1993. The band offer a new sound to several classics from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Among the 17 renditions included in the film are Across the Universe, Sympathy for the Devil, Kinderreich, Fiat, The Great Seal." (59 min)



Pike said...

Thanks for all your great links. If one day you will want to visit Torino in Italy, here I am.
Christian , an Italian friend and owner of you.

Anonymous said...

Fenomenalno! Hvala za sve ovo! Stalno 'oblecem' postove o Laibachu xD
BTW, imas li Prerokbe ognja-Predictions of fire (ne videh)ili sam ja nesto preskocila?

son of man said...

Ima, naravno.

Anonymous said...

Impresivno! Sjajan si! Hvalaaa!!!

Tjomi Lee said...

a evo iz ovaj: http://titlovi.com/titlovi/bravo--laibach-v-filmu-129393/

Uostalom, ovde: http://www.podnapisi.net/cyr/ppodnapisi/search/sA/289337

i ovde: http://titlovi.com/titlovi/titlovi-od-korisnika.aspx?korisnik=tjomi+lee

se skupno mogu pronaći svi Lajbah i Žižek related titlovi koje sam prevodio i zasebno okačio na postovima vezanim za konkretno svaki od njih, pa ko voli nek' izvoli.

Trog said...


son of man said...

Laibach - A Film from Slovenia (1993) - NEW LINKS ADDED!

Unknown said...

Hvala, volim Laibach. Big up yer chest! :)

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