Monday, December 17, 2012

Death of Emilie Parker - Connecticut shooting

On this shooting in elementary school in Connecticut. I saw this morning the pictures of all killed kids, especially 6 years old Emilie Parker, and a video of her father speaking for press, and for the first time I'm really, really disturbed, and I must speak out loud.

Where is the real problem? Who's to blame?

It's not just this poor deranged boy Adam Lanza, or his mother, or those who didn't helped him when he obviously needed it, or lots of legal guns in every house in USA. No, they are not the real problem - YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!!!

ALL of the humanity is the "devil", and ALL of humanity must cease to exist, or to be destroyed, this sick civilisation, this sick society, and start it all over again...there is no other way, cause I see no other lights in this darkness, and I'm very, very sorry, so please USA (please NATO), you're in charge, please, no more wars, 
NO MORE COLLATERAL DAMAGE, no more tears...please!!! 

And sorry for my maybe bad English, cause I come from Eastern Europe third world country (ex-Yugoslavia), and I know what is war, I know what is nationalist hatred, cause even here, after all this HELL we've been through, politicians, religious leaders, people in power, they all call for a new conflict, new hatred between the ONE same nation, the same people divided by these sick religions, people who speak the same language. Cause remember, we had 4 wars in just 10 years, and majority of people on all sides have learned absolutely nothing. SO IT MUST BE STOPPED BY ANY MEANS! But you, USA, you are the leader, so START IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD, start in CONNECTICUT! Please, 
until is to late...


Anonymous said...

Respect to you!!! I follow your blog for over a year now... it`s awesome. Thank you for the statement you wrote.
Georgi from Bulgaria

son of man said...

Georgije, brate moj, padni mi na grudi. Respect to Bulgarian brothers, thanks for support!

Anonymous said...

Svaka cast. Za onoliko koliko pratim tvoj blog, a evo ima vise od dvije godine, stvarno si pokazao da si LJUDINA. Po stavovima, iskrenosti, svemu...

Pozdrav iz zavejanog Sarajeva.

Syn Holliday said...

Each day, just in the U.S.: 5 kids die from abuse, 18 kids die in automobile accidents, 3 die from drowning, 2 from fire/burn, 3 from
poisoning, 3 from suffocation/strangulation, all very tragic. Our drone strikes have already killed 176 children in Pakistan and 26 in Yemen. In Africa about 5 million small children suffer and die of starvation each year (more than 13,000 per day, worldwide about 21,000). Starvation is a much more drawn out and sufferring form of death than by gunshot so I'm sure most would agree it is also tragic. Children are children regardless of where they are from so it's all sad. Really it's about perspective. Mainstream media is very selective in the very limited deaths it chooses, the deaths it conditions the masses to believe are worthy of their attention or tears. Any other day people are rarely concerned.

ultra said...

Svaka čast,lijepo si ovo sve sročio,svaka ti je na mjestu.Pozdrav iz Rijeke.

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