Saturday, August 8, 2015

Satan in the Suburbs (2000)

Scott Hillier

"On the night of June 16, 1984, police in Suffolk County, New Jersey, received a tip that Gary Lauwers had mysteriously disappeared without a trace more than two weeks earlier. Rainfall on the first two days of the police search made the dogs useless. On the third day, police made a grisly discovery. Buried in a shallow grave in the local woods were the decomposing remains of 17-year-old Gary Lauwers, with more than 32 stab wounds to his chest and back. The police investigation uncovered a conspiracy of silence among the town's teenagers, a teenage Satanic cult and a 17-year-old murder suspect named Ricky Kasso."


Anonymous said...

Nema veze s postom ali vidi na imdb Leo Regan, iako vjerojatno vec znas za njega. Pozdraf

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