Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Yugoslavia: How Ideology Moved Our Collective Body (2013)

Marta Popivoda

"The film deals with the question of how ideology performed itself in public space through mass performances. The author collected and analyzed film and video footage from the period of Yugoslavia (1945 – 2000), focusing on state performances (youth work actions, May Day parades, celebrations of the Youth Day, etc.) as well as counter-demonstrations (’68, student and civic demonstrations in the ‘90s, 5th October revolution, etc.). Going back through the images, the film traces how communist ideology was gradually exhausted through the changing relations between the people, ideology, and the state."


Anonymous said...

Naratorka je uzasna...

НБ said...

Hvala! Car si! :)

Anonymous said...

Nema veze s postom al ne znam jesi ovo gledo - warriors za pravo.


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