Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ruby Ridge: Anatomy of a Tragedy (2000)

Runtime: 45 min

Ako ko kojim slučajem nije pogledao dokumentarac Ruby Ridge - Weaver's Last Stand (2000) ili igrani film The Siege at Ruby Ridge (1996), evo prilike da se iskupi i popuni tu rupčagu u znanju. A ako želite malo šire da se informišete o Ruby Ridge incidentu možete pročitati tekst koji sam pisao povodom gore pomenutog dokumentarca.

"Way back in 1992, in the remotest corner of Northern Idaho, the lived a stupid, racist, fundamentalist white power jerkoff named Randy Weaver. He lived atop an isolated hillside with his family, espousing the tenets of white supremacy, living off the land and what money he could make as an illegal arms dealer. Unfortunately for Randy, one of his gun purchasers was actually an undercover FBI agent. Long story short, Weaver was summoned to court to face charges for selling an unregistered sawed off shotgun to the feds. Rather than face the music, he chose to hole up in his cabin with his wife and kids and wait for the FBI to make their next move. What Weaver wasn't expecting was that the FBI's next move was to lay siege to their home, killing the Weaver matriarch and the eldest son of the clan. Oh well, them's the breaks I guess. This here doc, which features extensive interviews with many of the key players from the confrontation, including Weaver himself, is a good basic history of the whole sordid affair, and is recommended to anyone who is interested in this type of thing."



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