Thursday, August 23, 2012

Laibach ‎- Deutschland 1985

Thanks to Igor and Denis

01. Nova Akropola 
02. Vade Retro 
03. Krvava Gruda-Plodna Zemlja 
04. Die Liebe 
05. Ti Ki Izazivaš 
06. Država 
07. Panorama 
08. Sredi Bojev 
09. Iv Personen 
10. Nova Akropola 


Eihwaz said...

Hi, this is maybe the best Laibach bootlegs on the internet, but I have a question: is there any bootleg about the Kapital era? Thanks in advance

son of man said...

As I know there is no bootleg of Kapital era.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this. It appears to be the same as the youtube version available, and I don't think the tracklist is correct. I think it should be:
1 Vier Personen,
2 Nova Akropola,
3 Vade Retro,
4 Die Liebe,
5 Ti Ki Izzivaš,
7 Država,
8 Vojna Poema,
9 Sredi Bojev

Does this mean it isn't actually this bootleg or did the bootlegger simply get it wrong originally?

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