Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Serial Killer Culture (2013) - Fundraising Campaign


"Greetings, I am filmmaker John Borowski. Over the last 5 years of filming my third film, Carl Panzram: The Spirit of Hatred and Vengeance, I began filming footage for this documentary, Serial Killer Culture. See the offical site at: http://www.serialkillerculture.com I wanted to connect the dots of all the people who I had read about or came in contact with while studying serial killers and their impact on pop culture, including artists who are inspired to create art based on serial killers.

The intention is to shed light on why artists, collectors and the public are fascinated by serial killers, murder, crime, and death. The film also highlights the historical importance of archiving true crime artifacts and literature so that future generations may learn about true crime history."


"Many people have contacted me from around the world to let me know they can't wait for the release of this film. The sooner this fundraiser campaign goal is met, the sooner the film will be completed. I need $2,500 to complete this film.

The funds will be utilized to complete the documentary by filming the following interviews: Merle Allin (collector and band member of the Murder Junkies), Hart Fisher (created of the Dahmer comic book), The Museum of Death, National Museum of Crime and Punishment, Carl Crew, Writer and Actor of The Secret Life of Jeffrey Dahmer, and Rick Staton (Collector).

In return, you receive some very cool perks including DVD's, screening passes, credit as a contributor, and even an opportunity to appear in the film YOURSELF!"


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