Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New LAIBACH group on facebook: RISE WITH US!

This group was started in order to try to explain the phenomenon of Laibach, their philosophy and the origins, and not just blindly accept everything that has been emphasized under the global brand of Laibach. Of course, also the music is always welcome cause we all adore these videos and live performances, but it is not the main goal of this group, because there are other groups on FB that focus solely on the music, so we felt the need to start and a slightly different story. Another thing, this group unlike others will not suffer any censorship, so there's no one here to warn you, ban you, bullies you, or anything. So, just a freedom of speech. But OK, if someone loves only music and lasers, and this is not his interest field, there is always a free pass to the other groups that deal with it because this is no ordinary fan group. So, if you think that members of Laibach are some kind od demi-gods or whatever, feel free to leave the group, cause we will ask some very hard questions about everything connected with Laibach, and that could maybe insult you, and we do not want to insult anyone, we come in peace!


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