Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Cheshire Murders (2013)

Kate Davis

Ovaj dokumentarac je jedan od onih koje je Herzog trebao da snimi (Into the Abyss fazon), ali i ovako je više nego odličan. Radi se o skroz besmislenom nezamislivom zločinu koji je, što je najgore, mogao biti sprečen. Ma tuga jedna pregolema, šta da vam pričam. Pogledajte obavezno jer HBO produkcija je u pitanju a vrlo dobro se zna se ko pravi najjače dokumentarce.

"In the quiet suburb of Cheshire, Connecticut, Jennifer Petit and her two young daughters were killed in a horrific home invasion; husband and father William Petit was the only one who escaped alive. This gripping film explores the events of that shocking triple homicide that rocked the town and set off a politically charged death-penalty trial. The result is a disturbing revelation of police failures and untold personal dramas that point out the biggest tragedy of all: the crime could have been prevented at many turns."


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