Tuesday, May 10, 2016

I was just a child (2010)

Branko Lazić

"During the World War II in bereaved Europe there were hundreds of camps for liquidation of undesirable nations. But only in the quislingian Independent State of Croatia were founded camps for children of Serbs, Gypsies and Jews. Camps: Sisak, Jastrebarsko, Gornja Rijeka...Through this camps have passed 20 000 children. Only few survived. Good and brave people has helped them.

Documentary film "I was just a child" is a story about the man, who has rescued 30 children from certain death from the concentration camp Gornja Rijeka during the World War II, risking his own life. 14 years old Miloš Stanišljević was 1942 on his way to find his brothers, who have been taken to a concentration camp. He has not found his brothers but he has succeeded to rescue other children, sentenced to death. Some of those children are still alive. And they remember...

Most of us remember our childhood friends of our childhood games. For those camp-children a game was an escape from death."


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