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Autopsy: Post Mortem with Dr. Michael Baden (2007)

Arthur Ginsberg

Majkl Baden, forenzički patolog koji je učestvovao u autopsijama mnogih poznatih ličnosti, u ovom dokumentarcu pojašnjava kakve su sve krucijalne greške načinjene na mestima zločina, pa i tokom autopsija, u slučajevima JFK-a i OJ Simspona, zatim razotkriva misterije vezane za smrt porodice Romanov, smrt Sid Viciousa i njegove devojke Nensi, i za kraj objašnjava šta je tačno uticalo na povećanje stope smrtnosti njujorških policijaca i vatrogasaca nakon 11. septembra. Za sve ljubitelje crime dokumentaraca, must see. HBO produkcija. (57 min)

"JFK. O.J. Simpson. Sid Vicious. Nicholas and Alexandra. These are some of the most celebrated cases in the history of forensic pathology - and Dr. Michael Baden has had a hand in every one of them.

John F. KennedyIn 1977, Congress appointed the Congressional Select Committee on Assassinations to investigate the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Dr. Baden was in charge of the forensic-pathology investigation, assembling a panel to review autopsy reports, photographs, X-rays, and clothing. As he reported before Congress, no forensic pathologist has ever examined the body of the President. Instead, Washington hospital pathologists who had no training or experience in gunshot wounds bungled what was an "incomplete" autopsy, mistaking an entrance wound for an exit one, and placing the fatal head wound four inches lower than it was. In addition, photos were not done by a professional, the bullet track was not traced, and the notes were re-copied. After examining the scars on John Connally and sending bullet fragments found on the stretcher to a lab, Baden testified there had been one shooter: Lee Harvey Oswald.

O.J. Simpson
On June 13, 1994, one day after the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman, Baden arrived at the home of Robert Kardashian, where O.J. Simpson was in seclusion. Examining the suspect, Baden found no marks of a struggle, and noted that Simpson had a healing cut on one hand. Baden did feel Simpson was suicidal, and shortly before police arrived, Simpson disappeared in what was to become the "Bronco chase." Later, at the trial, Baden made several points for the defense, asserting that the crime scene had been contaminated (detectives' bloody shoeprints were everywhere), that the time of death could not be determined (the bodies had been out in the open too long), and that Nicole's body was never viewed at the scene by a medical examiner. Instead, it was flipped over and removed to the morgue, washed (eliminating blood-drop evidence), and left for two days before the autopsy. These and other mistakes doomed the prosecution. Baden's theory is that two men were involved in the murders.

The Romanov Royal FamilyAfter ruling Russia for 300 years, the Romanov royal family disappeared on July 18, 1918, thought to have been executed by Bolsheviks. For 70 years, myths persisted about what happened to Tsar Nicolas, his wife Alexandria, and their five children. Then, in 1991, nine skeletons were discovered in Siberia. A year later, Baden and a team of scientists traveled to Russia to examine the remains. The bodies had been shot, and bullets found in one corpse were consistent to those used in 1918. After estimating the height and weight and checking teeth, the bodies were confirmed to be those of the Romanovs and their servants - except for Anastasia and Alexi, the two youngest children. For years, a woman named Anna Anderson had claimed to be Anastasia, but she was cremated upon her death in 1984. However, DNA from an appendix she had removed confirmed that Anna was not a royal. The real Romanovs were buried in St. Petersburg in 1998 - but two crypts (for Anastasia and Alexi) remain empty.

Sid Vicious
A member of one of the most influential punk bands of the 1970s, the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious epitomized the excess and rage of that era. At 19, he met Nancy Spungen, who became the most important person in his life. After the band broke up in 1978, Sid and Nancy checked into NYC's Chelsea Hotel and embarked on a downward spiral of sex and drugs. One morning in October, police found Nancy's crumpled body in the bathroom, stabbed in the abdomen. Although Sid said that she had committed suicide, Baden, then the NYC medical examiner, saw no "hesitation" wounds (testing the blade before inserting it) and noted that the blade had been withdrawn. He classified Nancy's death as a homicide, and Sid was arrested. For four months, Sid was drug-free in Riker's Island. But in February 1979, after his mother posted $50,000 bail, he attended a party celebrating his release - and 13 hours later he was dead. Baden concluded he died from an overdose of potent heroin that was too strong for him to tolerate after his withdrawal. In a factoid, we learn that Sid's mother, also an addict, had bought the heroin that killed her son. On September 6, 1996, she committed suicide with a heroin overdose.

9/11 RespondersOn September 11, 2001, Frank Maisano of the NYPD was one of the first responders to the tragedy at the WTC. Like others, who "did what we were told," he inhaled an excess of ash at the site. Three and a half years later, Maisano collapsed while chasing a suspect, and was forced to take early retirement despite just passing his sergeant's test. Meeting with Baden, this once-athletic young man is told he has pulmonary fibrosis, scar tissue on his lungs that may require a transplant. "It's one thing going into a job where you see the perp," says Frank. On 9/11, "we were unprepared." Another first responder, James Zadroga, died in 2006; analyses of his lungs matched particles with those present at Ground Zero. According to Baden, it is "the first death of a responder that is directly linked to Ground Zero by the autopsy findings."



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