Saturday, August 14, 2010

True Stories - Kosovo the Valley (1999)

Dan Reed

"Another chance to see Dan Reed's feature-length documentary of 1999 which detailed the conflict in the Drenica Valley of Kosovo. Dan and his crew risk their lives to gather footage from both sides of the front line during the Kosovan War. A remarkable hard-hitting documentary.

The Drenica Valley was one of the main hotspots during the vicious Kosovan war of the late 1990s. The Kosovan Liberation Army (KLA) first emerged from its wooded hillsides and it was there that many of the bloodiest battles were fought between them and Slobodan Milosevic's Serbian police force. Brutal atrocities were carried out by both sides.

Into this ferment, went Dan Reed and his cameraman Jacek Petrycki. They spent the better part of 1998 travelling along the dirt roads across both sides of the battle lines at considerable risk to their own personal safety. The result is a vital historical document and a fascinating documentary. This really is filmmaking at its rawest and war at its cruellest. It's hard to watch but it's essential viewing." (70 min)

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Dejan Ognjanovic said...
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Dejan Ognjanovic said...

odgledo: film je odličan i ima ghoul's seal of approval. vrlo profi i objektivno odrađeno - slike govore same za sebe, kao i šiptari i srbi koji ovde pričaju i pevaju. šiptarske pesme su naročito rečite...

Dejan Ognjanovic said...

moj rivju ovoga, sa zanimljivim kepčursima:

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