Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Timothy Leary's Last Trip (1997)

O.B. Babbs
A.J. Catoline

Uz ovu izvrsnu zakusku odlično ide i Timothy Leary's Dead (1996) kao predjelo, jer su i te kako related, a za desert naravno preporučujem jučerašnji specijalitet Young Turks At Harvard (Ram Dass). Ajme meni, majko draga, kako sam se sad prosro, to kao 'oću budem duhovit pa rabim jeftine kritičarske fazone, znate one izraze tipa : "autor nam je dozvolio da zagrebemo samo glazuru", dakle strava i užas ! Sramim se i obećajem da neću više nikad. (56 min)

IMDB"The first half is a recap of the early/mid-1960s LSD scene, when both Leary & Kesey rose to prominence. There's lots of Prankster 60s archive footage, some of which I didn't immediately recognize, and which may be unique to this feature. There's also some interesting old Leary footage, the bulk of it from a circa 1974 interview also seen in "Timothy Leary's Dead". There are some minor errors to the chronology and presentation, the most amusing (possibly a Prank?) assigning Wavy Gravy's name to a photo of Tiny Tim!

Evo ga Ram Dass levo, koji kralj sunce ti...

The second half of the movie concerns Leary's last trip, which turns out to be 2 trips -- one to a Hog Farm get-together in 1995, with some historically important footage of Kesey & Leary hanging out together. There's also contemporary interviews with George Walker, Wavy Gravy (looking great, like an old Polynesian tribe chief), and Kesey & Leary. Interspersed throughout is an interview with Leary from a studio (or his home), which I think is unique to this movie. There's some on-stage footage with Dead type music and Pranksters in costumes, and Leary giving the event his benediction.

Imam primerak na srpskom, izdao neki trash izdavač ART PRESS 90-ih

Leary's "second last trip" is a meeting on Internet between himself and Kesey, shortly before he died. It's pretty amusing to see the funky connection and very old-skool Netscape browsers 10 years later. Not much of importance is said, it's mainly an exchange of greetings.Like "Timothy Leary's Dead" this movie has some specific, minor flaws, but combining these two fan-oriented DVD features you get a terrific view of Leary, the modern (post-1960) history of LSD, and a substantial dose of the equally important Merry Pranksters."



Anonymous said...

Could you reupload the film because it's some error in extract. Thank you! :)

son of man said...

In WINRAR check the option KEEP BROKEN FILES like in the picture, it works.


Dovla said...

I check that option,but it still says:

CRC failed in Timothy Leary's Last Trip\Timothy Leary's Last Trip (1997).avi. The file is corrupt

Please help!

son of man said...

Forget about CRC error mesages, they always appear, check out the folder with AVI file, it works for sure, just try it.

Dovla said...

Yeah,im feeling like a newbie right now :)) It works,great doc.Thank you son of man,ili bolje receno fala lepo,blog je fantazija,ziv bio!

Anonymous said...

Would love to see this re-upped along with "Timothy Leary's Dead" -- if you ever have the time or the inclination. Thanks.

PS Great blog!

son of man said...

Timothy Leary's Last Trip (1997) - NEW LINK ADDED!

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's me, Anonymous.

Thank you so much for the re-up!

Anonymous said...

Hello, it's me, Anonymous again. Is something up with Rapidshare? I've been trying for DAYS to download the Leary docs you were kind enough to re-up but have consistantly received the same message:

"File owner's public traffic exhausted."

I have to say this has occurred on two other people's Rapidshare links in the last week.

Is there something wrong with Rapidshare itself? How long does it take for you to "rebuild" your trafic allowance?

Thank you.

son of man said...

Don't know what's wrong with rapidshare but everybody has the same problem, so we'll just sit and wait for now...

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