Sunday, January 9, 2011

The American Experience - Emma Goldman (2004)

Mel Bucklin

"On a cold December morning in 1919, just after midnight, Emma Goldman, her comrade Alexander Berkman, and more than 200 other foreign-born radicals were roused from their Ellis Island dormitory beds to begin their journey out of the United States for good. Convicted of obstructing the draft during World War I, Goldman's expatriation came 34 years after she had fist set foot in New York- a young, brilliant, Russian immigrant. For more than three decades, she had taunted mainstream America with her outspoken attacks on government, big business and war. As this AMERICAN EXPERIENCE production shows, Goldman's passionate espousal for Leon Czolgosz, the assassin who killed President McKinley, brought down upon her the hatred of the authorities and the public at large. Feared as a sponser of anarchy and revolution, she was vilified in the press as "Red Emma", "Queen of the Anarchists", and "the most dangerous woman in America."

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Anonymous said...

thanks for this, and many more.

any chance of reposting the Mishima documentary?

greetings from Greece.

son of man said...

I can not find it anywhere.

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