Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taxidermy - Stuff The World (2005)

Morgan Matthews

Runtime: 93 min

Genocid nad životinjama i legalizovana nekrofilja, jednom rečju UŽAS :

"Every two years taxidermists from around the world converge on Springfield, Illinois for the biggest event in animal stuffing - the world taxidermy championships. This documentary uses the 2005 ceremony as a way into the lives of a handful of the individuals who spend their spare time mounting dead animals (not in a Tom Green type way) and taking part in local competitions on their way to the big time."




whirringcat said...

pls pls re up. i saw this on tv and have never forgotten it.

son of man said...

Taxidermy - Stuff The World (2005) - NEW LINKS ADDED!

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